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Out of curiosity, and in the interest of luxury, our Boca Luxury Condo Blog has compiled the richest citizens of Palm Beach County, FL. Palm Beach County is among the most wealthy counties in America. Despite many other of the richest counties in America sharing proximity with Washington D.C. or Silicon Valley, Palm Beach County will always be the premier destination for the ultra-rich to vacation, if not live full time. For our list, we only counted those who are actual Palm Beach residents, and not anyone from neighboring Broward, Dade, or even Collier Counties. Get to know who the movers and shakers are, and who's amongst the richest people in Boca Raton and beyond!

David Tepper - Net worth: $15.8B

While best known for his ownership of the mercurial Carolina Panthers NFL franchise, Tepper made his fortune as Founder of Appaloosa Management, a Miami Beach headquartered hedge fund. Known by Forbes as "arguably the greatest hedge fund manager of his generation," he founded his incredibly successful hedge fund following a near-promotion as Goldman Sachs Junk Bond manager. After being passed over, he did his own thing and can show the fruits of his labor on Wall Street, and the gridiron.

Dirk Ziff - Net worth: $5B

Dirk Ziff alongside brothers Robert & Daniel inherited the publishing giant Ziff Davis from their grandfather, who founded the company in 1927. By 1994, the brother's father had furthered the imprint of Ziff Davis through major publications such as Car and Driver and PC Magazine. Following their sale in 1994 for $1.4B, the Ziff brothers opened Ziff Brother's Investments, a hedge fund with managed assets in the U.S. and London. By 2015, Ziff had formed Ziff Capital Partners, finalizing the family business transformation from publisher to hedge fund.

Terrence Pegula - Net Worth: $5.7B

Known primarily as the owner of the long-maligned and recently contending Buffalo Bills, Pegula followed the trail of many before him who made a fortune and moved to South Florida. As a student, Pegula majored in Mathematics before changing to Petroleum Engineering, where he'd founded East Resources, a massive oil and gas outfit. Pegula bought the Buffalo Sabres in 2011, and in 2014 outbid a celebrity group including Donald Trump & Jon Bon Jovi for the rights to the Buffalo Bills, a franchise many Dolphins fans are all too familiar with.

Jeff Greene - net worth: $5.1B

Greene's story begins at Harvard Business School, where he showed his industrious nature by holding numerous odd jobs, such as checking ID's at the gym, teaching Hebrew, and selling circus tickets. Greene became a billionaire amidst the Housing Collapse of 2007-08, utilizing the credit default swap (CDS) as his financial vehicle to make his billions. This time in our financial history was memorialized by the Michael Lewis book The Big Short and its subsequent film adaptation. His business ethics were called into question during a potential Senate run in 2010 in a state with (at the time) one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country.

John Henry - Net worth: $3.6B

As Owner of the Boston Red Sox and The Boston Globe, John Henry is best known for his purchase of one of the most iconic brands in sports and one of the best known newspapers in America. Henry founded John W. Henry & Company, and like the others above him, managed this hedge fund to great success. The son of soybean farmers, Henry never finished college, rather touring with two bands Elysian Fields and Hillary. He began his personal education in hedging by trading soybean futures and since 1981 has steadily grown from the asthmatic child of soy farmers to a sports mogul. He has owned stake in the New York Yankees, the Florida Marlins (buying it from Wayne Huizenga and owning it from 1999-2002). Today, Henry manages New England Sports Ventures, which owns The Red Sox, Liverpool Football Club, Fenway Park, and most of NESN (New England Sports Network).

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