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the pros of luxury condo living

At Champagne & Parisi Real Estate, our goal is to serve you - not line our pockets. With our ethics and intentions in tow, it's incumbent on us to portray the full story when evaluating your move to Boca Raton. There are incredible pros to living in a Boca Raton Luxury Condo, and glaring cons that we're eager to share with you. For the full picture on the good, and the bad, we're highlighting both in the next series of blogs. For the overwhelmingly positive pros of Boca Luxury Condo living, read on and enjoy our blog!

condo security

Safe & Sound

Most of Palm Beach County can count itself among some of the safer communities in the United States, but this doesn't mean bad things can't happen. While gated communities offer a well-established layer of security, there's nothing quite like the verticality, proximity, and seclusion that a Boca Luxury Condo offers. And while it may seem like the inverse is true, that steps to the beach seclude you from no danger, Boca Condos endeavors to secure and protect its premises, from sand to street.

nature at your doorstep

Nature At Your Doorstep 

The same could be said for single-family homes in West Boca, but a sprawling lot is not the same as taking a staircase to our beautiful Boca Raton beaches. Condos in Boca Raton are mere moments from the sand & surf, remarkable shopping, and hospitality on all sides. Amenity decks such as those found at the Alina Residences ensure you can enjoy the sun and sea breeze without taking a step off the premises. 

a resort with a permanent key

A Resort With A Permanent Key

Simply put, your Boca Luxury Condo presents the living space and resort style amenities that tourists spend hundreds, if not thousands per day on while visiting. The most luxuriant of Boca Condos is like living on a round-the-clock vacation. The prices and fees at many of these condominiums seem high, but what's included is undeniably valuable. Living on the Boca Beach Club might not be the perfect solution for a young family looking for education, highway access, and public parks - but your luxury condo presents the finer things in life, every day. 

the latest in smart home tech

The Latest In Smarthome Tech

It's now been nearly 15 years since the release of the iPhone. For those of us (like your author) who remember growing up during the transition from analog to digital, the contrast has been stark. Some of us have grandparents that never owned a smartphone, while others in our same age group have grandparents that are as tech-savvy as we are. The point is, despite the largest aged population inhabiting these Boca Luxury Condos, it doesn't mean their residents don't possess technological aptitude. The leap forward in integrated technology is immense, with your Smartphone now becoming part of your "Smart Home." Gone are problems like forgetting the A/C is on, leaving your alarm off, the garage open, and other easy-to-forget problems that could lead to major issues down the road. At your Boca Luxury Condo, you'll experience the best in integrated Smart Home Tech.

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