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the cons of boca high rise condo living

To some, South Florida is colloquially known as "The 6th Borough," as it's become home to millions of New York ex-pats over the past few decades. For those, and many others from some of our largest metropolises, high rise living is nothing new. Yet, there is a stark difference when topography, weather, and walkability when considering high-rise living in Boca Raton. For both sides of the issue (and there are both), we want to keep you informed to make the best decisions possible. Not all high rises are the same, and the land they rise from plays a big role. For the downside of high-rise condo living in Boca Raton, read along and learn more!

high cost for high rise living

The Cost

High Rise living comes with high-rise prices. This includes the built-in maintenance fees the association will require to comply with our housing laws, in addition to maintaining the many amenities and functional equipment such as elevators that are necessary for the successful operation of a high-rise condo. That view comes with a price! As far as downtown Boca condos go, not every high-priced building is more than 5+ stories, but anything hovering closer to 7 stories will likely include the expected price tag.

power outages

Concerns Caused By Power Outages

We don't expect this to be a problem for anyone living in our outstanding Boca luxury condo corridor, as hurricane preparedness, in the extreme is a focal point of any high-rise association's plan. However, we're not writing about the everyday reality of your life in a Boca high-rise condo, but moreover are detailing the potential concerns with high-rise living anywhere. The principal concern for any high rise in an emergency is the ability of residents and their guests to exit the building in a safe and orderly manner. Beyond emergencies, a simple problem such as a broken elevator can cause enormous headaches, especially for our more elderly residents. Most Boca high-rise condos include multiple elevator shafts across the building, normally occupying half or a quadrant of the building. At best, you're in for a few extra steps, and at worst, the power's out on a moving day.

minimal parking

Minimal Parking

While many of the best high-rise condos in Boca Raton include an inbuilt parking garage or an adjacent lot, the prevalence of dedicated, covered, and secured parking is not afforded to every resident at every building. Some parking garages comingle with public access, and none of these garages will provide the safety and privacy of your driveway in a gated community. For guests, especially on holidays and major events, street parking can be scarce and often leads to parking expenses (or tickets) being taken into account for anyone looking to spend time at your high rise. Be sure when speaking with your Realtor that you're asking the right questions, and don't forget to park along the way.

missing natural space

Lack Of Natural Space

In recent years, new construction high rises, such as the new Alina 220 building feature carefully planned spaces to include beautifully manicured flora and rays of natural sunlight. In addition,  the new Wildflower Park provides yet another open space for Boca condo residents to enjoy the fresh air and open spaces. Yet, there is nothing a condo can provide that will replicate the freedom of a spacious backyard, and there is nowhere to expand or build beyond the confines of your balcony. While sure to be beautiful, the lack of privately accessible green spaces must be taken into account, especially for those with young children or dogs. Boca Raton does have a myriad of beautiful parks and natural pockets for locals to enjoy, but all of these are public spaces that, though often filled with congenial, good-natured people, still must be shared nonetheless.

noisy neighbors

Potentially Obnoxious Neighbors

This is less likely to happen at a luxurious Boca Raton condo than most, but it can happen anywhere. While most Boca condo owners got to their destination through a lifetime of respect, success, and determination, we're not just limiting potential noisomeness to the loud parties and booming music we've come to expect from a frat house. In some cases, the walls, windows, and ceilings may not be enough to contain the low murmur of your neighbor's television, nor the shrieking bark of their Maltese. Whatever hypothetical situation is in your mind, be sure to vet the windows and walls of your condo selection, lest you be subject to your neighbor's whims, however well-intended or not. Luckily, many Boca Raton condos come equipped with impact windows. These panes, while produced and installed for your safety, are pretty effective against noise pollution too!

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