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the best places for business meetings in boca raton

Boca Raton might be known as an extravagant sunkissed paradise, but it became what it is on the heels of the many successful residents and businesses either born in or relocated to Boca. If you're seeking wealth and success in Boca Raton, it helps to know both your audience and the venue in which to meet. Not all business meetings take place in formal wear, and not all clients are the same. For this reason, our list of the best places for business meetings in Boca Raton includes a variety of establishments. Some of these are more functional, while others are more... schmoozy. A confident presenter knows their audience, and with the variety of places to link up listed below, you'll always find the right place for a business meeting in Boca!

meeting at the addison of boca raton

The Addison Of Boca Raton 

Named for Boca Raton forefather Addison Mizner, this beautiful hotel was designed by the man himself in 1926. The Addison has long been featured in our blog for some of the classiest holiday events in Boca Raton, and today it is the culinary arts and myriad of rentable rooms that make the Addison an excellent venue for your classiest and most respected partners.

Perfect For: Galas, Fundraisers, Honors, and other high-end events with larger groups.

quest workspaces boca raton

Quest Workspaces

Located near our east office and not far from adjacent condominiums such as The Corniche and Meridian, this conveniently situated rentable workspace is perfect for those looking to maintain the fluidity of their business without surrendering the use of physical space. Quest features month-to-month office rentals complete with concierge service and all the trappings of a well-appointed office without the expensive long-term commitment.

Perfect For: Intensive but temporary projects, startup office or secondary offices, B2B group meetings.

opus meeting rooms

Opus Meeting Rooms

Opus Meeting Rooms is a national business with five locations throughout Florida. With locations in 8 states, Opus Meeting Rooms is a mainstay in some of the country's foremost business corridors. Opus Meeting Rooms works exclusively on an hourly basis, with batch hours available for purchase to reduce the price per hour. Each room is impressively appointed, with free wifi access, video conferencing, coffee, and guest parking. 

Perfect For: Conferences with traveling parties, Interstate/International videoconferencing, pop-up meetings with important individuals/groups. 

la nouvelle maison

La Nouvelle Maison

The first of three restaurants on our list, we didn't just include La Nouvelle Maison thanks to its culinary reputation. After speaking with a handful of Champagne & Parisi's Best Realtors, we learned that La Nouvelle Maison is the perfect fit for entertaining a high-end client or celebrating a well-deserved victory with a colleague. The atmosphere is high-class, romantic but not too moody, and features delicacies of French, Iberian, Italian, and Benelux cuisines. The nature of the menu provides a rich, decadent experience, with many of the dishes serving as "manageable" options so you can wear white without fear. After all, there's a reason you don't bring your high-end client for wings. The ambiance, food quality, and presentation of La Nouvelle Maison make this one of the best places for business meetings in Boca.

Perfect For: Entertaining high-end clients, and foreign visitors, and celebrating a major milestone with colleagues & friends.

trattoria romana blog

Trattoria Romana

Trattoria Romana is quite classy itself, but this upscale-rustic Italian bar is a bit more busty than intimate when compared to La Nouvelle Maison. The decor is strongly expressive of rustic Italian architecture and design, with the presentation a key detail in setting the stage for an enjoyable meeting before you've even been seated. Trattoria Romana offers a combination of inland, Alpine and coastal Italian cuisine to suit any palate, and a round table setting to foster group cohesion, inclusion, and development. Seated at the foot of the drawbridge across from our beach office, the location is perfect for branching off in any direction through Boca Raton. 

Perfect For: A group dinner, team cohesion, post-conference meal

living green cafe blog

Living Green Cafe

Living Green Cafe is found just a few blocks north of Trattoria Romana in the Fifth Avenue Shops. By far the most colloquial and relaxed of any atmosphere featured in this blog, Living Green Cafe is a clean, visually appealing space serving healthy foods for all diets and desires in a natural atmosphere conducive to conversation. If the indoor seating isn't your cup of tea, the sprawling outdoor dining area includes multiple covered tables on either side of the restaurant and even comfy chairs directly between the outdoor and indoor dining areas. Enjoy coffees, fresh meals, soups, and a generally relaxed but quality ambiance.

Perfect For: Lunch meetings, Coffee/Study breaks, quick bites, outdoor discussion.

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