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Mizner Park is as well known for its nightlife as its beautiful days under swaying palms and cool sea breezes. The area provides a unique platform for partygoers of all ages and backgrounds.  a perfect blend of high-class cocktail establishments, elegant wine & dine spots with outdoor seating, and a few places for the younger crowds to let their hair down. With so many Boca luxury condos in the immediate vicinity, the bars and restaurants are just an elevator trip away. The list below represents a fine blend of youthful energy and high class, all available to you in the beautiful Mizner Park area!

loch bar raw bar

Loch Bar

The Loch Bar is the best raw bar in Mizner Park - with a decidedly classy feel compared to more traditional, shuck and dive style South Florida raw bars. You know it'll be fancy when using superlatives like "handcrafted elixirs" to describe the cocktails that perfectly pair with their myriad of delectable options. Yet, their sunset dinner and daily special menus make it more than affordable for almost anyone to enjoy this beautiful establishment with a cocktail, draft beer, or even a free bottle of house wine with two entrees!

Perfect For: Sunset Dining & Seafood

yard house new

The Yard House

The Yard House is a higher-class take on the classic burger and beer joint that is an intrinsic piece of Americana. Located right off Palmetto Park Rd, they provide a great selection of craft beers, delicious burgers, fries, and gourmet appetizers - even vegan options! The Yard House includes over 125 craft beers and ciders, gluten free, low calorie options, steaks, seafood, and pastas. 

Perfect For: Burgers & Beer, Sports, or a night out with the boys.

flatbread pizza with white wine

Louie Bossi's

Louie Bossi's is the finest wine and dining establishment in Mizner Park (in our opinion). Their selection of high-quality wines is only supplanted by their incredible cocktails and after-dinner limoncello. Their selection of salads, appetizers, seafood, and pizzettas all have a perfect pairing behind the bar - and with such a knowledgeable and accommodating waitstaff, your palate is in good hands!

Perfect For: Date Night

4 artfully arranged martinis

The Standard

Located a few hundred yards south of Mizner Park-proper, The Standard is one of the favorites of both daytime businesspeople and nighttime partygoers alike. The Standard features excellent, high-class bar menu items such as the tuna tower, Thai chicken salad, and expected favorites like the spinach artichoke dip. Their lunch combo is one of the best $10 meals in Boca Raton, with a selection of soups, salads, or fries to pair with sandwich options and even a margarita pizza. 

Perfect For: A Martini Lunch

asian wok noodles

Kapow! Noodle Bar

Kapow! has been a fan favorite for years now. A key component from the Subculture Group, one of the preeminent nightlife and restaurant conglomerates in the area, Kapow! Noodle Bar is just enough East Asian to slot itself comfortably among more traditional sushi and Thai restaurants but is injected with vivacity not found in more routine settings. This blend of fun and food is reflected in its bright atmosphere, comic-like fluorescence, and fun lounge areas. Their pan-Asian flair features dim sum, gyoza tacos, and a wide array of snacks and small plates.

Perfect For: A lowkey start to a wild night out, or a simple evening dinner

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