Smart Money Kitchen Updates For Your Boca Raton Rental Condo

smart money kitchen updates

Owning Rental properties are all about balance. Before undertaking any cost/benefit analysis, a landlord should ensure the well-being of their tenants and the decency of the property they're renting. Once essential human rights are guaranteed, it's time to look into profitability. There are some things we have little control over, such as the neighborhood at large, nearby public projects, utility issues, and crime, but what lies beyond the sidewalk and within our walls is our responsibility. These 5 updates will go a long way in not only adding value to your rental condo but improve the aesthetics and livability for your tenants. Not every major remodel needs to cost a fortune, and with these 5 smart money kitchen updates, we show you 5 ways to improve one of the most important and traversed rooms in your condo.

modern lighting in luxury condo

Upgrade Your Light Fixtures

Without replacing any electrical components or interacting with high-voltage connections, there are ways to replace the outermost components of your light fixtures to modernize and improve your Boca Raton rental condo. You might not even need to replace your fixtures, but consider the difference in light refraction and ambiance when the bulbs themselves are replaced. Either way, the hanging and standalone light fixtures that do not require work behind the walls or ceilings are a cheap and easy way to reinvent your condo kitchen from the top down.

vinyl tiling new

Luxury Vinyl Tiling

Vinyl tiling is one of the most durable, affordable, and versatile flooring components available. Hardwood, in particular, is very popular with millennials, who comprise a majority of renters in the country. However, hardwood tends to warp, age, and respond poorly to the near-malignant midsummer Florida heat. The vinyl tiling does just the trick! With a myriad of luxurious patterns, facsimile wood grains, and other fine selections, vinyl tiling is an easy way to upscale your condo kitchen and build a floor that will stand the test of time.

raise window treatment

Raise Your Window Treatments

Find window treatments that do not obstruct the plane of vision for your tenants. Do you have cathedral ceilings? Take advantage! Modern window treatments are less oppressive and labor-intensive than the gaudy curtains and (gasp!) Venetian blinds of the past. A minimalistic approach using modern window treatments will provide your tenant with the most control over inbound sunlight, regulating temperature and light naturally without an intense and low-lying window treatment looming at them from the outside-in. 

replace hardware boca raton cabinets

Replace Drawer and Cabinet Hardware

Another cheap solution - drawer and cabinet hardware has its phases, much like light fixtures and tile patterns. However, drawer and cabinet hardware is not at risk of contacting live wiring, nor is it as significant a project as replacing an entire floor. This is likely the cheapest, and surprisingly impactful solution to redesigning your luxury condo kitchen, and one of the only things you can do in an hour by yourself. The color, shape, and finish of your cabinet hardware can transform your cabinetry without any major work at all.

improve backsplash in your condo

Improve Your Backsplash

A modern backsplash is the hallmark of a modern Boca luxury condo kitchen. Whether that be ivory subway tiles, seafoam-colored honeycomb, or a number of popular greyscale configurations, a modern backsplash brightens the kitchen and sets the mood for the rest of the room to build around. In that way, a backsplash is like a finish, but also the inspiration for the room around it. It both capstones and spurs the design. After all, a poorly matched backsplash can do to your kitchen what a ridiculously misplaced hat can do to an entire outfit. Don't let your kitchen fall by the wayside as more rentals are modernized to please the eye. Consider peel-and-stick tiles for the easiest job!

table centerpiece in modern condo

Add a Centerpiece to your Main Table

A good centerpiece should accent, but not overwhelm your main table. A small color-coordinate vase, a Lazy Susan, or even small art piece like a mosaic or sculpture, will add a touch of class to your condo while allowing full use of the kitchen table. This is especially important for any furnished condo with a breakfast nook or eat-in kitchen. For larger dining room tables, specifically those of the rectangular variety, finding the right centerpiece is less important than providing the perfect upholstery and fine dining set. For your circular, eat-in kitchen table, however, there are few things more subtle yet more tasteful than a well-selected centerpiece.

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