Real Estate Agent Tips: 5 Ways To Market With Automation

5 ways savvy agents market using automation

With AI taking over industries, the furor around technology has reached a veritable fever pitch. However, without reinventing the wheel or learning a new set of skills, there are ways to leverage existing technology to your advantage. "Automation" doesn't have to be complex. It can sometimes mean something as simple as using a content planner to schedule posts, and cascade into tasks that are much more complex. Regardless of your technological understanding, these are some of the simpler ways Realtors have used modern technology to automate key tasks and streamline their workflow.

email marketing campaigns

Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing has been the backbone of numerous online industries for well over a decade. Though there are some more modern tactics to convert e-commerce customers, when presenting listings to your clients and prospects, there are a few more apt mediums to work with. What email marketing may lack in speed, it makes up for in thoroughness. For instance, there are faster ways to convert sales for products bought, sold, and shipped from the point of sale. For housing, however, a more thorough glance is needed to weigh your options. Email marketing keeps your clients in the loop and allows for compelling and interactive presentations directly to the source of your income.

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Flyers and Brochures

Though not as "automated" as an entirely digital medium, there are ways to work with your local printing company to drop helpful materials such as your flyer and marketing prospectuses directly to the areas you'd like to farm. With minimal updates, you and your local printer can coordinate a plan of attack that covers thousands of potential clients in the very area you're looking to work in. Despite the massive improvements in target acquisition via modern digital marketing, there is still no guarantee that your ad will be seen on the household level. With mail drops, you can guarantee you're hitting the mark and supporting local businesses all along.

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Scheduled Social Media Posts

One of the most underutilized tools for Realtors to wield in social media is the scheduling tools. In today's age, there are at least a half dozen superb programs to take full advantage of the many ways you can set and plan social media, rather than posting at the spur of the moment. For those looking to keep their budgets down, Meta Business Suite has a planner tool that allows for simultaneous dual posting to both Facebook and Instagram, arguably the two most significant everyday use platforms. In addition, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest have their tools as well. With a little extra effort, you can refine your workflow and add social media posting to your workload with minimal disruption. Take a few hours a week to set up and schedule everything according to the data you're receiving from the feedback on these very posts. 

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Prebuilt Messenger Replies

Your Facebook Messenger and similar messaging apps may have prebuilt replies that can help serve as a small-time digital receptionist. Though not a human, nor even an AI component, you can include preset questions with replies that may either quickly inform the user of their answer, or provide even greater utility. Messenger replies can include links to your website, lead forms, and other ways to rein in new contacts. More savvy agents can diligently update their questions to include links to current listings, new blogs, and market information.

email envelope with a red '1' above indicating an unread message

Automated Lead Notifications

Usually set in whichever CRM or lead system you use, these automated lead notifications can be attuned to reach leads at the perfect moment. In the same way email marketing platforms in the service of e-commerce can use purchase intent, email submission, a sale, customer churn, or some other behavioral market to disburse an email, your lead system can contact your agents on your behalf with a preset message built for that activity. Depending on the level of customization, you can include images, relevant links, contact details, and even suggested listings based on a preselected criterion.

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