Pet Friendly Home Guide | 4 Tips To Make Your Boca Raton Condo Pet Friendly

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Having pets can be the greatest joy, but sometimes our daily lives don’t necessarily mesh with our little friend’s needs. Being a pet parent requires some research if you truly want your pet to be able to enjoy their home as you do. With some little tips and information, you won’t need to worry about their well-being, giving you the peace of mind you deserve. Unfortunately, sometimes mistakes happen, and going outside or to work is when trouble strikes. Boca Raton luxury condos are renowned the world over for their amenities and among these is their overall pet friendliness - with so many backroads, bike trails, and dog beaches to boot.But what about your space? Is your Boca Condo pet approved? These 4 pet-friendly tips can make your condo the ideal living situation for both you, and your little sidekick.

Pets Need Help As We Do

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Pets, like human beings, are privy to all sorts of physical complications. The older your pet gets, the worse things get. Providing your fur child with special furniture to snuggle on the couch with you will make your baby happy. With the aging process, many four-legged variants struggle to leap onto the couch, or simply leap down. Spines, hips, arms, and legs can suffer some aging blows, but with the right set of pet stairs or ottoman, your animal can move to and from with ease. Aged pets aside, younger pets become overzealous and want the attention of their owner, prompting them to make dangerous leaps. With this simple solution, your pet won’t run the risk of injuring itself and avoiding a costly visit to the vet.

Vacuuming is a Must

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Springtime rolls around and your allergies have come at you with full force. Between coughing, sneezing, and the pet dander rolling around in the atmosphere—you’re at your wit's end. Along with your allergies, pets can suffer the brunt of it as well. Brushing out your pet’s hair creates allergens that are sure to make you sneeze. With the combination of dirt, it can become a very uncomfortable situation—one your pet is not necessarily at fault for. Taking the old Hoover out and vacuuming regularly can minimize allergens not only for you but also for your pet. Carpets are a favorite place where pet hair and dander can build; targeting this specific area will help air quality and make breathing that much easier for everyone.

Safety First

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As mentioned before with leaping, pets can run into all sorts of trouble, leading them to become harmed. Doing thorough inspections of your home can help diminish the chances of a mishap from occurring. Electrical cords, certain plants, chewable materials, and medications are just a few things that can cause severe damage to your pet. Hazardous or toxic pesticides, cleaning products, and even human food will put your little buddy in the vet, so make sure to store these items accordingly. And, as always, NEVER feed your pet food from the table.

Create Their Own Space

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Sharing a home with your pet is great, but sometimes muddy paws and wet coats can, well, be a nuisance. You know it’s not your pet’s fault for doing its thing, but the annoyance still happens. Having a room where your pet can easily access the home and get its instinctual behaviors out will be a lifesaver. Adding additional chew toys, nooks, and throw pillows will make them feel at home and cozy. A ‘playroom’ so to speak is a great way for your pet to be able to enjoy the best parts of its life, without getting in your way. Co-existence is possible, and making your home pet-friendly will make your pet love you that much more.

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