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5 Features of Highly Profitable Rental Properties

features of highly profitable rentals

Boca Luxury Condos is a sound investment for both a resident and a landlord. While we already know the answer (yes) to the question of Boca's condo value as rentals, this doesn't mean every street, every unit, and every building is the perfect investment. For those investing here and beyond, we're eager to answer the questions we receive about the profitability and viability of renting out your condo in Boca Raton. These 5 features are a basic barometer that should give any would-be landlord a starting point when entertaining their prospects. If these 5 features of highly profitable rentals check out for you, you may consider renting your condo! While in no particular order, these 5 considerations should be all you need to begin investigating the rental of your unit. Read on and learn more in today's Boca Luxury Condo Blog.

local economy successes

The Strength and Desirability of the Local Market

Renters often choose to rent because they have recently relocated, cannot afford a home, or are waiting for market conditions to yield improved terms. Regardless of their "why," the purpose of renting is to reach a temporary agreement to lease a property for a specific set of time. Thus, the very nature...

Smart Money Kitchen Updates For Your Boca Raton Rental Condo

smart money kitchen updates

Owning Rental properties are all about balance. Before undertaking any cost/benefit analysis, a landlord should ensure the well-being of their tenants and the decency of the property they're renting. Once essential human rights are guaranteed, it's time to look into profitability. There are some things we have little control over, such as the neighborhood at large, nearby public projects, utility issues, and crime, but what lies beyond the sidewalk and within our walls is our responsibility. These 5 updates will go a long way in not only adding value to your rental condo but improve the aesthetics and livability for your tenants. Not every major remodel needs to cost a fortune, and with these 5 smart money kitchen updates, we show you 5 ways to improve one of the most important and traversed rooms in your condo.

modern lighting in luxury condo

Upgrade Your Light Fixtures

Without replacing any electrical components or interacting with high-voltage connections, there are ways to replace the outermost components of your light fixtures to modernize and improve your Boca Raton rental condo. You might not even need to replace your fixtures, but consider the difference in light refraction and ambiance when the bulbs themselves are replaced....