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The Best Bars In Mizner Park | Mizner Park Bars And Restaurants

find the best bars in mizner park

Mizner Park is as well known for its nightlife as its beautiful days under swaying palms and cool sea breezes. The area provides a unique platform for partygoers of all ages and backgrounds. A  perfect blend of high-class cocktail establishments, elegant wine & dine spots with outdoor seating, and a few places for the younger crowds to let their hair down. With so many Boca luxury condos in the immediate vicinity, the bars and restaurants are just an elevator trip away. The list below represents a fine blend of youthful energy and high class, all available in the beautiful Mizner Park area!

Updated (03/28/2024): O'Brian's Irish Pub Added to the list

loch bar raw bar

Loch Bar

The Loch Bar is the best raw bar in Mizner Park - with a decidedly classy feel compared to more traditional, shuck and dive style South Florida raw bars. You know it'll be fancy when using superlatives like "handcrafted elixirs" to describe the cocktails that perfectly pair with their myriad of delectable options. Yet, their sunset...

5 Questions Your Realtor Should Be Asking You! | Have You Hired The Right Realtor?

5 questions your realtor should be asking you

With the shoe on the other foot, it's your time to shine! When sitting down with your prospective Realtor, it's as important as ever to know the most important questions to ask. Yet, unlike a traditional job evaluation, the inquisition your Realtor shows can make or break their understanding of your needs, and potentially leave you in a subpar position. Be sure to look for these 5 lines of inquiry, as they will show without answering whether your Realtor is really working their hardest to understand your unique and personal needs.

what are your housing needs?

What Housing Needs Do You Have, And What Is Your Price Range?

This is the most basic means to set expectations, and to govern the home search your Realtor will embark on for you. Every Realtor should break your desires into two columns: needs and wants. If you are bringing children, you need to be near good schools, but you might want an outdoor pool. Obviously, no home buyer can attain what they cannot afford, so your total price range is the umbrella that both columns rest beneath. Home buying is a very personal experience, and your Realtor should be aware of what you need...

Boca Raton Luxury Condos | The Top 5 Ultra Luxe Condominiums In Boca

the top 5 ultra luxe apartments

Boca Luxury Condos... The three words that every new Boca homeowner has on their mind when they begin their comprehensive Boca condo search. Boca's long lineup of luxurious condos is far from limited to these 5 beautiful condominiums, but when tasked to conjure our five favorite ultras luxurious Boca Raton condos, we (begrudgingly) listed incredible places to live.

Updated (02/14/2024) - Royal Palm Residences added to the list.

royal palm residences render

Royal Palm residences

The newest unveiling to the ever-growing luxury condo landscape, Royal Palm Residences will represent a majestic offering to discerning buyers through its 48 units spread across three nine-story mini towers. Situated on Palmetto Park Road on the precipice of Wildflower Park, this gorgeous upscale community overlooks everything that makes Boca Raton special. Just a stone's throw from Mizner Park and Royal Palm Place, the...