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5 Social Media Marketing Tactics Every Realtor Should Try

5 social media marketing tactics every realtor should try

Social Media marketing is at the core of almost any customer-facing industry. In Real Estate, we have the benefit (or drawback, depending on how you see it) of still capably relying on our "ground games." Tactics such as billboards, mailers, and simple peer-to-peer networking has become less emphasized in many industries, most notably as e-commerce rises. Yet, despite our industry's reliance on localization and reputation, the analog days are further and fewer between. For Realtors of all ages and digital aptitudes, the time is now to begin employing the newest information and latest tactics to amplify your digital game and shift your practice to the future. 

humanize yourself

Humanize Yourself

Remember, that as a Realtor you are much more than a buyer and seller of houses - you are a conduit to the community that will be brand new to most of your clients. Out-of-state clients will want to know you have a broader knowledge of the area, not just the housing market. Whether it's schools you've put your kids through, the best wine bars, restaurants, and retail...

6 Incredible Father's Day Gifts For Dad's Boca Raton Condo


Father's Day is here! While we covered the basics, the community, and the get-togethers in our Boca Raton Real Estate blog. For our Boca Luxury Condo Blog, we're focused on the handhelds, the shelf-mounted, and the luxurious accouterments that make dad's busy life so worth the effort. Read on and get shopping! With a few weeks to spare, here are 6 of our favorite selections for those dads who mean business.

beach view

Handheld Monocular Telescope

We all know that a hallmark of a Boca Luxury Condo is the view it affords. Whether overlooking Lake Boca from Mizner Grand, or gazing out towards the dim beacons lighting the way over our waters, there's something special about hanging out and just... looking at things with Dad. How many of you sat down to listen to the thunderstorms, watch planes pass by, skip stones, or hike to picturesque mountaintops in your time with your Dad? There's some about Dads and observing, noting, and sharing the world around them. For those dads, this handheld telescope is a modern extension of that lifelong instinct.