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6 Ways You May Be Hurting Your Boca Condo Value

6 ways you may be hurting your condo value

You may not know it, but your words, actions, and upkeep of your Boca condo may be depreciating its value faster than time itself. Not everything is within your control, but in cases where you have a voice and an opportunity, it's important to know you're doing the right thing. As Realtors, it is in our best interests for our condos to remain highly valued, well-maintained, and full of quality people. In today's Boca Luxury Condo blog, we share 6 ways you may not know it, but could be slowly chipping away at your condo value.

high fees shown on calculator display

High HOA Fees

Without the presence of truly astounding amenities, a skyward HOA fee schedule will deter most discerning buyers. While you may have little control over the ultimate decision, you still can participate in the semi-democratic process that is condo ownership. As a Boca condo owner, you own your unit and share the ownership of all common areas. Each year is a new opportunity to get involved, whether that be through advocacy, or by getting elected to the board yourself! Regardless, your condo association should have the ability to itemize and justify the logic and quantity behind every notable expense....

The Best Luxury Gifts For Mom's Condo | Boca Raton Mother's Day

luxury gift ideas for mom

When we write about holidays for our Boca Luxury Condo blog, we prefer to emphasize the... luxury that is noted by much more than our website title. Our flagship Boca Raton website is the place to find brunches, events, and public occurrences to ponder for this year's annual celebration of Mom. As a perfect compliment to our more event-focused blog, our Mother's Day blog on Boca Luxury Condos will focus on the comforts and indulgences Mom so greatly deserves this May 12th. Read on, and be inspired as we showcase some of the finest luxury gifts for mom's luxury condo, and the elegant lifestyle that accompanies such a residence!

woman with blonde hair enjoying a blow dry

Dyson Ceramic Supersonic Hair Dryer

  • $430

Dyson emerged from the pack with their famed Dyson Ball vacuums, and through the years have continued to showcase modern innovation in their increasing line of home and personal products. From vacuums to air purifiers, Dyson's sleek products are as efficient as they are visually appealing....

Build The Perfect Boca Luxury Realtor Bio | 5 Things You Need For The Perfect Professional Bio

5 keys for realtor bios

As Realtors, mastery of the written word may not be at the forefront of skills you'd expect to need. However, as the years go by, professional real estate agents will tend to notice how much being a skilled rhetorician can elevate your practice. With so much emphasis put on communication, it's no wonder Realtors are putting more time, effort, and money into perfecting their online and in-print portrayals. This usually starts with a fresh series of headshots and a written biography. Your bio should say more about you than why you should be hired. It should of course, list your qualifications and experience, but there is so much more than can be said in just a few short words. Remember, your clients expect you to be on time, speak, be ethical, and ensure a smooth transaction. In many cases, it's something else beyond meeting your professional obligations that can make all the difference in the eyes of your prospects. Here are 5 tips to enhance, expand, and improve your Realtor biography. 

origin point of realtor

Origin Point And How You Got Here

No matter where you're from, you have a story to tell about why you're here. Whether that's experiencing the American dream as a first-generation immigrant,...