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Boca Condo Living | 4 Cutting Edge Innovations

cutting edge condo innovations

Boca Luxury Condo living should be more than a luxuriant Tuscan revival. With the Mediterranean-inspired architecture such a central part of Boca Raton's architectural history, it's easy to forget that the trappings of luxury are hardly monolithic. What Boca Raton brings in classical beauty, it also brings in modern innovation. For every gorgeous art installation, there's cutting-edge technology lining the interior of your Boca Luxury condo. Learn what's new and what to look for when searching for your dream condo!

central vacuum system

Central Vacuum System

Similar yet still freestanding appliances have been seen for years in salons, making a massive floor mess into quick work. Did you know, similar technology has been installed in residential settings? Rather than a massive, unshapely appliance, the central vacuum is one of the most efficient and space-saving additions to your luxury condo. Many Boca condo owners choose luxury and location over space and cost. Thus, the ability to remove a larger appliance from your floorplan in exchange for a simple and effective solution is a win-win. This is perfect for ...

5 Ways Modern Technology Has Changed Luxury Real Estate

ways technology has changed real estate

In many ways, Real Estate retains its old-school methodology compared to other industries, like retail and entertainment. The amount of time spent behind the wheel, on the phones, and speaking directly with clients has allowed the digital age to drag Realty along without completely disposing of traditional marketing and business practices. Yet, even in a field dominated by intrapersonal skills and sheer work ethic, there are many newfangled ideas and methods brought in by these winds of change. Here are 5 ways modern technology is changing real estate, and how you can be ready for the next big thing.

use of big data

Use Of Big Data

"Big Data" is not a phrase used to describe the conspiratorial notion that "data" is up to no good, in the same way, we'd colloquially describe "big pharma" or "big oil." "Big Data" is simply a means to describe the sheer capacity and volume of informational intake that modern technology affords us. With larger data sets, the ability to retrieve key data immediately, and real-time statistical reporting, Realtors possess the ability to influence decisions and inform clients with information that massively exceeds what was once available.

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