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Boca Luxury Condo Sales | 7 Common Sales Objections And How To Work Past Them

7 common sales objections and how to overcome them

The word "salesperson" is adjacent to the function of Realtors, but is somewhat of a dirty word to industry professionals. Though "sales" are technically part of the operational aspect of business, the sales portion of real estate is more akin to matchmaking and meeting needs, than qualifying a product to a mystery buyer. Buying a Boca luxury condo is not a blind date, nor is it a process in which your agent should struggle to compel you through. A good agent ascertains the needs of their client, cross-references the available inventory, and finds the best possible match. From there, the agent may tout the quality, value, or trajectory of the surrounding area. Learn these common objections, and what we've learned about addressing the needs of your client tactfully while providing insight into ways you can gently steer your client in the right direction.

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Competitor Comparisons

It's not uncommon for a homeowner to ask their agent to lower their commission, or in some cases mention that "other Realtors" would take less. This often forces the Realtor into a defensive crouch, where they begin grasping at their value points and regurgitating them towards the client. While...

6 Photo Tips For The Perfect Boca Luxury Condo Listing

6 photo tips for the perfect condo listings

In a world run by the "visual," it's as important as ever to begin your listing with clean, crisp, and beautiful photographs. After all, it could be a single image that prompts a buyer to decide between two very comparable consumer products. For instance, there may be two comparable water thermoses for sale online, but one may include crisper images and more information on the quality of the product. This could be the difference between a $19 decision. When it comes to six-, seven-, and even eight-figure transactions, the presence of valuable information backed by beautiful photographs is all the most important. After all, if it matters with the small things, then it is only magnified when selling a Boca luxury condo. A condo is more than just a much larger financial commitment, it is the place one calls home, and the centerpiece of their lifestyle. To skimp on good quality help or to take your low-quality images not only hurts your seller, but it hurts your reputation as well. An excellent set of photographs is the first step to proving you're willing to commit to the rudiments of modern real estate, where 97% of searches begin online. Before going and showing, be sure to follow these tips for the perfect condo photos!

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