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Declutter Your Boca Condo | 5 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Space

boca condo declutter

The best of Boca Luxury Condos provide amenities that would make a celebrity jealous. With everything from crystalline pool decks, picturesque golf courses, and steps to a shimmering beachfront, it's easy to see why "clutter' wouldn't even be a thought to most luxury condo owners. However, even with maid service and an eye for detail, condos are an exchange of space for luxury, and thusly can lead to cluttered situations that single-family homes may provide the space to better accommodate. This Spring, we are excited to share more tips and tricks that our clients and Realtors use to keep their Boca condos decluttered. Learn more below!

clear countertops

Keep Flat Surfaces Clear

The easy temptation is to use your counters, tables, and desks as temporary (or not so temporary) storage points for things that don't have a "place." This could be true for paperwork, devices, even desk trinkets that are looking for a permanent home. Clearing flat surfaces allow for more workspace (obviously) but ensuring the most tempting of places to clutter your home turns into one of the most reassuring. A cluttered home is a cluttered mind, and there's no better place to start than clearing those counters!


5 Real Estate Podcasts That Realtors Should Listen To

must listen real estate podcasts

We'd say Podcasts are the "future," but they are very much a part of the present. Some of the most popular entertainment of all time has been fed to us via streaming podcasts - most notably the likes of Joe Rogan, among millions of others. With podcasts, we have instant access to (usually) commercial free content tailored exactly to our interests. Rather than sifting through hours of commercials and unimportant information, podcasts grant us the capacity to listen efficiently. With how much time our Champagne & Parisi Realtors spend on the road working for you, we'd be remiss not to share some their favorite Real Estate podcasts that pace the industry and provide value with every listen. Here are 5 Real Estate podcasts that every Realtor should listen to - and why.

real estate today

Real Estate Today

A podcast created by the National Association of Realtors, Real Estate Today functions in the same light as its title: a top-down overview of the Real Estate market and profession. Functioning similarly to standard news, the hosts banter about the news affecting our national market, and trending topics such as new ...

5 Florida Themed Books To Read From Your Condo Balcony | Boca Luxury Condos

boca raton beach reading guide

With so many days of sunny, seasonable weather, "beach reading" has become its subgenre of books. More of a designation of tone, rather than a topic-oriented phrase, "beach reading" has taken a life of its own, with everything from short stories, to local histories, to spicy romances. While Boca luxury condo owners enjoy the crisp sea breeze from their patio or on the sand, many of us choose to delve into a good book. we've found 5 of the best Florida-themed books to kick off your beach reading season today. Learn more about our local history and add a little wrinkle to your tanning regimen. Read on!

small town big secrets

Small Town, Big Secrets: Inside the Boca Raton Army Air Field During World War II 

  • Written By: Sally J. Ling, 2012

With so much of South Florida's diaspora and urban sprawl taking place in the last three or four decades, it's easy to forget the intrinsic involvement South Florida, namely Boca Raton had on the war effort.

Local author and paperback favorite Sally J. Ling pens this interesting look back at one of the most important developments of World War II. It was here at the (then) top-secret Boca Raton Army Air Field that troops learned to install, maintain, and operate the radar - a new technology at the time that can be credited among a handful of innovations that turned the tide of the war for the allies, and...