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5 Innovative New Building Materials | Boca Raton Condo Construction

5 innovative building materials

Luxury Waterfront Condo construction is often at the forefront of innovative building design and materials. This has never been truer than in the days following the Surfside Condo Collapse, a calamity that we can mourn, learn from, but never ignore. The variety of new construction condominiums throughout Boca Raton and the tri-county area are an opportunity for builders to showcase the cutting-edge building materials that will guarantee our safety while creating a more efficient, liveable, and classy urban environment. For the 5 most incredible new building materials, read today's Boca Luxury Condo blog. Some of these are even hard to believe!

transparent wood

Transparent Wood

Yes, you read that right. Transparent wood is now a thing. Transparent, or translucent wood is made by compressing wooden strips, where modules of lignin (an organic polymer found in the cell walls of plants that make them rigid) are replaced by transparent polymers. Compared to plastic or glass, it is much lighter yet just as strong as industrial lumber. Wood nanotechnology has become a greater focus in university and industrial labs across the world, with translucent wood soon to be more...

Valentine's Day In Boca Raton | Find The Most Romantic Restaurants In Boca

romantic v-day restaurants in boca raton

It's February, and love is in the air for Boca Raton's couples and newfangled romances. As with every holiday season, part of what we do as a brokerage is share the city, the lifestyle, and the opportunities that dot the landscape around your new Boca luxury condo. While real estate is our keenest focus, the adage "location, location, location" rings true for much more than the home you intend to occupy. Owning a condo in Boca Raton is much bigger than accessing some of the most luxurious and vaunted real estate in the world. In most cases, you're an elevator ride and a short walk from some of the finest locales in South Florida. For today, we prepare our residents young and old, new and tenured, to choose from a rich complement of restaurants fit for romance. Like beauty itself, "romantic" in many cases may be an accepted norm, but it varies dramatically depending on the tastes of those experiencing the moment. For our list, we place 5 romantic restaurants that are diverse and unique enough to suit the tastes of every couple but are not restricted to the moody, candlelit fine dining experiences we imagine when building a list of romantic places to take your love.

la nouvelle maison bread and hors d'ouevres

La Nouvelle Maison