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The Newest Condos In Boca Raton | The Latest New Condo Construction In Boca

the newest boca luxury condos

With so much happening since the wild year of 2020, we made sure to keep our eyes on the ball from Everglades to Ocean and reveal to you, the latest and most prominent new construction condos in the area. As South Florida rushes to accommodate the massive influx of new residents over the past two years, these Boca condos will offer the best in luxury, accessibility, and safety in an area already renowned for it. Read on and be ready to make a move, these places won't be available for long!

One South Ocean

One South Ocean is a planned luxury condominium found directly on the plot from which it derives its namesake. This future condo will sit straight across from the Palmetto Park Rd. Pavilion and The Meridian condo, less than a block from our Beachfront Offices.

Currently, the ground is unbroken, and only whispers of what's to come beyond the basics have been heard even in the smallest of inner circles. Currently, the plan is to offer dual buildings of 35 units each adjoined by a central courtyard. The plans include two to five-bedroom condos, below-level parking, and beautiful community amenities. 


The Cons of Boca High Rise Condo Living | Boca Raton High Rise Condos

the cons of boca high rise condo living

To some, South Florida is colloquially known as "The 6th Borough," as it's become home to millions of New York ex-pats over the past few decades. For those, and many others from some of our largest metropolises, high rise living is nothing new. Yet, there is a stark difference when topography, weather, and walkability when considering high-rise living in Boca Raton. For both sides of the issue (and there are both), we want to keep you informed to make the best decisions possible. Not all high rises are the same, and the land they rise from plays a big role. For the downside of high-rise condo living in Boca Raton, read along and learn more!

high cost for high rise living

The Cost

High Rise living comes with high-rise prices. This includes the built-in maintenance fees the association will require to comply with our housing laws, in addition to maintaining the many amenities and functional equipment such as elevators that are necessary for the successful operation of a high-rise condo. That view comes with a price! As far as downtown Boca condos go, not every high-priced building is more than 5+ stories, but anything hovering closer to 7 stories will likely include the expected price tag.

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