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5 Of The Hottest Trends In Boca Raton Interior Design

5 of the hottest interior design trnds

Boca Raton is a natural outcropping of the glamor found between New York and South Beach. Though a bit more tropical than Manhattan, and a bit more refined than Miami, Boca Raton sits firmly as one of the epicenter of style and trendsetting. When a new construction condo is built in Boca Raton, you can be assured you are witnessing the cutting edge of modern technology, the latest design trends, and the most prominent names attached to them. In today's blog, we regale 5 observations both anecdotally and as noted elsewhere, regarding the latest design trends for condo interiors.

a focus on health and wellness

A Focus on Health & Wellness

Despite many of the best condos in Boca Raton having robust gyms and even training staff, health and wellness is as much a part of the home as it is life beyond it. While some of the more focused and fitness-oriented residents are likely to add a small dumbbell connection or stationary bike, most condo residents are focusing on wellness in subtler ways. This could include an ample space dedicated for stretching, floor work, yoga, and pilates. Often we'll find stability balls, bands, yoga mats, and open spaces illuminated by natural sunlight...

How Is Rental Income Taxed In Florida?

how is rental income taxed

Leveraging your Boca Raton condo as a rental property is one of the most profitable ventures in residential real estate. You're the fortunate owner of a condo in an area as desirable for upstart entrepreneurs as glamorous retirees that sits in a space offering year-round summery weather. Beyond the lush rental market here in Boca Raton, there are other advantages to owning a rental property in Florida. The state is unique in its advantages, namely in dealing with the rampant bureaucracy that turns wealth centers like New York and Los Angeles into real estate nightmares. Fortunately, Boca Raton residents can enjoy the wealth of those coastal cities without the government that tamps them down and ignores the cries for public safety. In today's Boca Luxury Condo blog, we peel back the layers and go over the basics of rental income taxes in the state of Florida, informing you of the potential that is to come. 

sales and use tax

Sales and Use Tax

The lack of a state income tax is a popular draw to South Florida that free-agent athletes will factor tax laws into their decisions. Thankfully, there are more than a few reasons for star athletes and successful job creators to join the Boca Raton condo landscape,...