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Even before COVID, the push to shift workers towards a more home-based model was omnipresent in many industries. While the psychological impact and productivity can be called into question, the inexorable forces of the industry have spoken and many are asked to, or are asking to work from home. Whether part time or full time, the key to maintaining a productive space is nuanced by not being unknown. The mindset behind being productive at home plays a big difference in how you amplify your workflow at your otherwise most relaxing space. To work where you play, and sleep, learn more about how to maintain effectiveness when working from your Boca condo home office.

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Designate Your Space and Keep It That Way

Traditional office spaces have specific floor plans, furniture, and storage spaces for a reason. They're designed to accommodate work, and those who execute the tasks at hand. For a Boca Raton home office, it's a fundamental prerequisite to truly (not metaphorically) choose your office space and keep it that way. That means preventing the other areas of your life from encroaching into your workspace. After all, a cluttered home is a cluttered mind, and...

Wildflower Park Boca Raton | Introducing Boca Raton's Newest Public Park

wildflower park in boca raton

Welcome to Wildflower Park

To be a great Realtor is more than the art of buying and selling properties. It means to be the key to the city that all newcomers can rely upon, to stay current, updated, and on top of our game. For that reason, we pride ourselves on dialing into local affairs and presenting you with the latest and most pertinent information emerging from around the city. We watched with curiosity as the plans for the brand-new Wildflower Park broke ground earlier this year. The small waterfront park sits on the northwest corner of the drawbridge on Palmetto Park Rd. directly adjacent to the Trattoria Romana restaurant. Read on to learn more about the ins and outs of this delightful addition to our Boca Raton Parks, and why you should pay a visit to Wildflower Park!

What is Wildflower Park

Wildflower Park is a multimillion-dollar project designed to give Boca Raton residents a beautiful slice of serenity directly on the Intracoastal waterfront. The ceremonial ribbon cutting took place on October 22nd and since then the park has begun to attract passersby and dedicated visitors alike. Much like the drawbridge before it, Wildflower Park is within walking distance of many Boca Raton condos and Highland Beach homes to the northeast. This "passive park" is located...