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Walkable Neighborhoods In Boca Raton | How To Know If Your Neighborhood Is Walkable

how to know if your neighborhood is walkable

One of the most modern forms of Real Estate evaluation is neighborhood walkability. Between the price of gas, and the general desire to get out and get walking, new residents of Boca Raton are wondering if they'll enjoy the same or similar walkability as their prior flat in Tribeca. While we can't promise a metropolis of possibility seated on a small island, we can give you the knowledge and insights required to make decisions on your behalf. When that fails, our incredible team of Realtors is ready to show you all things local - by car or by foot! 

woman walking alone at night

Residents Walk Alone At Night

While this is largely dependent on one's anecdotal observations and personal experiences, the more people walking alone at night, the safer a neighborhood usually is. This is both due to safety in numbers, but also the broader perception of the area by its residents. In many cases, seeing how locals operate when public safety isn't a guarantee and the safety of daylight isn't present can indicate a lot about the way the area is understood.

sidewalks in boca raton


Biking In Boca Raton | 4 Ways To Determine If Your Neighborhood Is Bike Friendly

4 ways to tell if your boca neighborhood is bike friendly

It only takes one trip up and down A1A in the early morning hours to recognize the commitment to cycling that so many Boca Luxury Condo Owners have. With outrageous gas prices combined with rising rent and mortgage rates, even the wealthiest among us are seeking a solution to chip away at... being chipped away themselves. For a city with year-round sunshine (and the occasional rainfall), it invites the young and old to take to two wheels and zip up our bike lanes. For our part, we looked into what Realtors and City Planners assess when designating an area "bike friendly" and identified four key metrics for you to remember yourself!

bike lanes in boca raton

Nearby Bike Lanes/Trails

Are the bike lanes easily legible? Do they indicate to motorists that this is a designated space? How close are off-road trails, or ways to cut through and beyond the larger thoroughfares that are often perilous for cyclists regardless of the signage and markings? For this blog, we're not just looking at the breezy bike rides some of us enjoy on quiet roads, but the broader picture for those looking to wield their bikes for more than just fun. Regardless of your purpose on two wheels, the municipal investment in biking is...