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Boca Raton High Rise Condos | The Pros Of High Rise Condo Living

the pros of boca high rise condos

When it comes to luxury high rises, Boca Raton offers among the finest selection across the entire east coast. Boca Raton is certainly no small town, but pales in comparison to the cities along the seaboard in terms of urban sprawl and overall size. The relationship between scale and available inventory, along with the general favorability of the weather year-round, makes Boca Raton one of the most illustrious places to enjoy the best of high rise living. As Realtors, it's our imperative to inform you of the good and bad around every deal, and with so much new condo construction happening around town we put our high rises straight into focus. 

added security in high rises

Added Security

A High-Rise condo can provide security that a gated community can never hope to match. Not only are the points of entry largely sequestered to a small few doorways, there are often 24/7 security and desk staff present at the ground level. Even in the event of a security breach, the additional doorway between you and the hallway is just another way to add layers between yourself and whatever danger may present itself. In the grimmest of situations, the fact you share space with so many nearby neighbors makes it a distinct challenge for anyone to discreetly commit crime, with this reality itself deterring would be criminals...

Boca Condo Flooring and Decor | 5 Temporary Flooring Options To Liven Up Your Space

5 temporary flooring options for your boca condo

If you've ever seen The Big Lebowski, you'd know that "the rug that tied the room together" was more than a plot device. It spoke to us. The area rug that would become the crux of one of the most interesting and unique movies of all time, was a motif that people just... felt. Maybe you had to be there, but temporary doesn't just have to be something renters experience. Some Boca condo owners might just be more flippant than the seasonal owners who wish to return to their Florida abode the way they left it. Whether you're artsy, prone to change, love a good seasonal rotation, or are just plain capricious, we identified and researched 5 ways to spice up your floor situation and give life to your Boca condo!

click in faux wood tiling

Click-In Faux Wood 

"Click in" faux wood is one of the newest flooring technologies taking the condo and rental market by storm. Now condo owners can achieve that elegant, textured hardwood flooring without ripping up the existing tile or carpet. We love the textured, muted tones that have replaced standard...