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Boca Condo Buyers | 4 Surefire Ways To Increase Your Credit Score

4 ways to increase your credit score

Chances are if you're ready to shop for a luxury condo in Boca Raton, you've got your finances in order. However, Boca Raton presents a host opportunities to build credit, grow your portfolio, and make a small fortune. Beyond living the good life and accessing resort style amenities, Boca Luxury Condo life can be a boon for the investor as well as the resident. To get your finances in order and to take the next step towards mortgage pre qualification, learn a few quick and easily understandable ways to attack your credit score and emerge from your efforts with flying colors! Here are 4 surefire ways to increase your credit score. 

report credit errors

Review Your Reports and Dispute Erroneous Judgements

To begin ensure you have a means to "soft inquire" your credit. Using an account such as Credit Karma, or through one of your credit card platforms, you can review your credit without harming your credit score via a hard inquiry. Remember, credit bureaus may know more than we're comfortable with, but they don't always have the full picture. Mistakes occur all the time, and your credit score could be brutalized by an erroneous judgment. Be sure to review your ups and downs, and make sure...

Boca Luxury Condo Checklist | Are You Getting The Value You Are Seeking?

boca luxury condo checklist

The three golden words of real estate about Boca Luxury condos more than anywhere else in the area: location, location, location. When shopping our many gorgeous Boca condominiums, you can safely add "amenities" to the old cliche. The value of our local condo market is as predicated on the luxurious resort-style amenities as its location, and you deserve nothing less! Among many questions, ensure you have these five inquiries in mind when lining up your condo luxury checklist.

boca luxury condo security

How Does Security Stack Up?

We admit, some Boca condo complexes are luxuriant Fort Knox, but if you're paying for luxury and living the high-rise life, you deserve the type of security that should come with your association fees. This could include everything from up-to-date alarm systems, friendly and well-trained security personnel, and well-lit, gated parking garages. Safety first! 

condo maintenance plan...