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Not all Boca Luxury Condos are created equal. Like anywhere else in the global real estate market, Boca Raton's condo landscape is determined by location. With the majesty of our shimmering beaches and the everyday fun of our winding Intracoastal system, it's easy to see why some new Boca condo owners would choose a little less space for that prime spot. Fear not! The Champagne & Parisi team have seen it all, and have learned some of the top ways to save space in your condo. See our list below for a few ideas!

vertical condo shelving being installed


Follow the New York City urban development model. Quite simply, if you can't build out, build up! Utilize space to the ceiling where convenient and unobstructed by looking into a low profile, high reaching shelves to get the maximum space available for every square foot. There are many low-cost, high-efficiency shelves both pre-assembled and DIY to ponder.

white floating shelf in condo

Try Bedside Floating Shelves

If you don't need a nightstand, and especially don't need the space it occupies, try a simple floating shelf at your bedside. Watch the several cubic feet of floor space open below, while the temptation to accumulate clutter on our nightstands disappear

corner desk in attic room

Make the Most Of Your Corner Spaces

Unless you live in a yurt, the presence of corners is inevitable. As long as the common domicile in the United States utilizes perpendicular angles, you'll be forced to make the most of your corner space. While an adjacent shelf is simple enough, try looking into corner-specific furniture, such as desks, cabinets, and even floating shelves built for the purpose.

mess of wires

Control Your Wires!

Even in an increasingly wireless world, wires are part of our day-to-day mundanity. Looking around your condo interior, it's easy to forget how many wires we are truly reliant upon to facilitate our lives. Ensuring our wires don't line our floors like trailheads on a map of the Rockies, it's important to manage, organize, store, and properly route the various wires that we utilize to keep our Boca luxury condo powered.

over the toilet rack with towels in condo

Use an Over-The-Toilet-Rack

Another spin on "going vertical," the over toilet rack is a logical extension of the showerhead-mounted rack. This simple metal contraption looms above the toilet in your smaller bathroom spaces, holding towels, soaps, and other self-care accessories where counter space might not be available.

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