Design Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Your Small Boca Condo Kitchen

design tricks to get the most from your small kitchen

Like our recent blog regarding expanding the limited space in your Boca condo laundry room, we know not every condo will be a sprawling 3,000-square-foot masterpiece to put many single-family homes to shame. For most, there is a small exchange of space for access, with waterfront and downtown condos in particular fetching a much higher price per square foot. While a laundry room is an outcropping made to satisfy a particular task, a kitchen is one of the most trafficked and used rooms in the condo. Thankfully, there are many devices, configurations, and storage solutions to remedy the problem of the seemingly shrinking condo kitchen. While there are many to choose from, we chose some of our favorite tips and tricks to place below to help you get the most out of your small Boca condo kitchen!

cabinet depth refrigerator

Choose A Cabinet Depth Refrigerator

"Cabinet depth" is self-explanatory, but in practice is more satisfying than it sounds. We'll often surrender a foot or more of space thanks to the protrusion of our refrigerator. It may not sound like much, and perhaps you won't spend much time hanging out 6 inches in front of your fridge, but this is one way to make your kitchen seem much larger without doing much. Having all cabinets and storage spaces at depth and affixed to the wall leaves open space that would otherwise be crowded in by appliances and furniture.

low lying light fixtures

Be Wary of Tabletop or Low-Hanging Light Fixtures

Anyone over 6 feet tall will know the feeling of sitting at the kitchen bar and banging their heads on an otherwise lovely low fixture. Oftentimes its our plane of vision as much as the space usage that dictates our perception of the condo kitchen. Having more obstructions at eye or chest level, especially table-mounted lighting will eat up much-needed space where it isn't needed at all. 

under cabinet lighting

Install Under Cabinet Lighting

Recessed lighting in general, not to mention under-cabinet lighting is a massive space saver. When paired with the right backsplash, under-cabinet lighting can alter our perception of a room. Under cabinet lighting also makes it easier to run to the kitchen for a midnight snack without waking the entire condo. Anything useful that can be set further back, such as the aforementioned cabinet-depth refrigerator is certain to increase the available size and perceived depth of the kitchen. 

minimize gaudy drawer and cabinet hardware

Minimize Gaudy Drawer and Cabinet Hardware

Changing your cabinet and drawer hardware is another perception-altering trick that costs just a few dollars. The loud, gaudy, heavy bronze doorknobs and handles of yesteryear are no more, now giving way to modern refinements such as those found at One Thousand Ocean. While we're not suggesting an extreme commitment to aesthetic minimalism, taking a look at your handles, knobs, and hardware is one way to withdraw otherwise oppressive fixtures that seem small but make a big difference. 

find a garage for appliances

Find A "Garage" For Appliances

Part of the Boca Luxury condo experience is well... luxury. There is a space-eating appliance for every lifestyle choice and every tabletop. Whether you love a good pressed panini, juice your own celery or enjoy a slow-cooked crock pot meal waiting at home, these appliances take up more space than almost anything else on your tabletops. Most condo kitchens include a large low-lying cabinet that's perfect for absorbing the space and height requirements of your favorite tabletop appliances. Finally, you can enjoy your burgeoning cupcake fixation without giving half your kitchen to the food processor.

choose the perfect finish

Choose The Perfect Finish

Like recessed lights and minimalistic hardware, color doesn't change the shape or composition of your kitchen space, but will make a major impact on perceptability. As evidenced by our lovely new flooring and wall color in our beach offices, the color and texture of your walls and surfaces can dramatically impact the way your eye picks up the room. Work with an accomplished interior designer if necessary, and do your research before picking up the brush. 

add storage

Add Storage Wherever You Can

You'd be surprised how innovative things have gotten in an area as simple as food storage. Modern storage solutions are stackable, collapsible, modular, and transportable. Often it's the containers we keep in our kitchen as much as the kitchen itself that determines how our layout stacks up. When looking into the corners, cabinets, and pantries of our condo kitchen, be aware that what you put in them can determine the use of the space as much as the space itself.

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