Declutter Your Boca Condo | 5 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Space

boca condo declutter

The best of Boca Luxury Condos provide amenities that would make a celebrity jealous. With everything from crystalline pool decks, picturesque golf courses, and steps to a shimmering beachfront, it's easy to see why "clutter' wouldn't even be a thought to most luxury condo owners. However, even with maid service and an eye for detail, condos are an exchange of space for luxury, and thusly can lead to cluttered situations that single-family homes may provide the space to better accommodate. This Spring, we are excited to share more tips and tricks that our clients and Realtors use to keep their Boca condos decluttered. Learn more below!

clear countertops

Keep Flat Surfaces Clear

The easy temptation is to use your counters, tables, and desks as temporary (or not so temporary) storage points for things that don't have a "place." This could be true for paperwork, devices, even desk trinkets that are looking for a permanent home. Clearing flat surfaces allow for more workspace (obviously) but ensuring the most tempting of places to clutter your home turns into one of the most reassuring. A cluttered home is a cluttered mind, and there's no better place to start than clearing those counters!

organized fridge

Improve Refrigerator Organization

No matter the strata of society we've reached, we all know someone (maybe us?) that takes the plastic bag full of groceries and places it right in the fridge. Improper storage of food can lead to early expiration and less-than-desirable food odors in your refrigerator. However, it is often poor storage and a lack of categorization that leads to improper food storage in the first place. We've all fished that expired milk from the deepest recesses of the bottom shelf. With the right discipline and dedication to the organization, you'll save money, food, and an unsavory hassle.

home containers in pantry

Make Use of Containers

This might seem obvious, but there are entire retailers dedicated to the deft use of containers for a reason. Even though mom's orange-tinted Tupperware from 1992 is making quite the statement in terms of longevity, containers have come a long way since these primitive days. Many containers have specific purposes, can be stackable, airtight, and even double as an oven-safe casserole dish. Have a set of containers ready for the most important items to you, and watch as you save time, money, and effort in the securing and storage of these crucial items.

audit wardrobe

Audit Your Wardrobe 

This isn't just for the ladies, as we know plenty of agents who haven't worn that old sportcoat since that conference in 1995.  Good use of vertical closet space is fundamental to a well-organized Boca Raton condo, and it all starts with your wardrobe. Remember, you have one upper body, two feet, and one head. If you're not a die-hard hat person, why keep all those hats stacked haphazardly on the top shelf of your corner closet? You'd be stunned by what organizing a single drawer can do to an entire room. With drooping clothes on hangers that you really won't be wearing anytime soon, or at all, why not use that freed vertical space to stack some boxes that would otherwise be in a less ample spot? Do you want your old taxes in bank boxes showing in your living room? 

towel hooks

Use Command Hooks and Over-The-Door Organizers

We've mentioned the power of going vertical time and time again, and nowhere is it made easier than the aptly entitled Command hooks. These well-known hooks are perfect for light items like pictures, towels, keys, and even small baskets. Beyond the simple hook and hang configuration, many over-the-door organizers work perfectly for shoes, and even small supplies to grab quickly, much like the cubbies we made use of as schoolchildren. 

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