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6 Photo Tips For The Perfect Boca Luxury Condo Listing

6 photo tips for the perfect condo listings

In a world run by the "visual," it's as important as ever to begin your listing with clean, crisp, and beautiful photographs. After all, it could be a single image that prompts a buyer to decide between two very comparable consumer products. For instance, there may be two comparable water thermoses for sale online, but one may include crisper images and more information on the quality of the product. This could be the difference between a $19 decision. When it comes to six-, seven-, and even eight-figure transactions, the presence of valuable information backed by beautiful photographs is all the most important. After all, if it matters with the small things, then it is only magnified when selling a Boca luxury condo. A condo is more than just a much larger financial commitment, it is the place one calls home, and the centerpiece of their lifestyle. To skimp on good quality help or to take your low-quality images not only hurts your seller, but it hurts your reputation as well. An excellent set of photographs is the first step to proving you're willing to commit to the rudiments of modern real estate, where 97% of searches begin online. Before going and showing, be sure to follow these tips for the perfect condo photos!

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What Is "Fee Simple?" Fee Simple Explained

understanding fee simple

"Fee Simple" is a confusing and extremely common phrase used throughout real estate. We've all heard it, but do we know what it means? In today's Boca Luxury Condo blog, we're eager to make it... simple. Thankfully, this term doesn't require much of an introduction and is in fact as simple as it sounds. In today's blog, we'll review the definition of fee simple, the varieties of fee simple ownership, and how it applies to you!

fee simple, defined

Fee Simple: Defined

Fee Simple is commonly defined as a "landowner's complete and total ownership of a piece of land and all properties on it." Unlike owning a building itself, renting, or living in a condo, fee simple ownership entitles the owner to all parts of the land. This ensures that the landowner can do just about anything they wish to the land, as long as it falls within proper easement, zoning, and code enforcement laws. Homeowners may sell the home, land, and all buildings on the premises, add or subtract parts of the home, build a second story, new garage, or outbuilding, or tear everything down and build from scratch. As part of this entitlement, fee simple homeowners may also elect to pass down the property to a desired benefactor in the event of loss of life or another issue. However,...

How Is Rental Income Taxed In Florida?

how is rental income taxed

Leveraging your Boca Raton condo as a rental property is one of the most profitable ventures in residential real estate. You're the fortunate owner of a condo in an area as desirable for upstart entrepreneurs as glamorous retirees that sits in a space offering year-round summery weather. Beyond the lush rental market here in Boca Raton, there are other advantages to owning a rental property in Florida. The state is unique in its advantages, namely in dealing with the rampant bureaucracy that turns wealth centers like New York and Los Angeles into real estate nightmares. Fortunately, Boca Raton residents can enjoy the wealth of those coastal cities without the government that tamps them down and ignores the cries for public safety. In today's Boca Luxury Condo blog, we peel back the layers and go over the basics of rental income taxes in the state of Florida, informing you of the potential that is to come. 

sales and use tax

Sales and Use Tax

The lack of a state income tax is a popular draw to South Florida that free-agent athletes will factor tax laws into their decisions. Thankfully, there are more than a few reasons for star athletes and successful job creators to join the Boca Raton condo landscape,...

How To Handle Multiple Offers For Your Boca Condo

how to handle multiple offers on your condo

When it comes to having multiple offers on your Boca condo, there's an expression in football that rings true: "Having two good quarterbacks is a great problem to have." Yet, much like the head coach and GM who have to determine who to play and what to do with their useful but unplayed asset, you should know how to gameplan for this scenario. Sometimes, multiple choices can lead to poor decisions, even when it appears there's no way to go wrong. Today, we regale some key details and experiences from our most talented Boca condo Realtors and see what they have to say about how to handle multiple offers on your condo.

ignite a bidding war

Ignite A Bidding War

There's an old adage among football coaching circles that "having two good quarterbacks is a great problem to have." After all, one good choice is better than none, and two good choices are better than one. There are tactful ways to work through your Champagne & Parisi Realtor to subtly ignite a bidding war. The success of the bidding war is dependent in part on how perceptive your Realtor is, and how close each bid is to the listing price for your condo. When one buyer prospect is under the impression that...

20 Key Questions To Ask When Buying A Condo

20 key questions when buying a luxury condo

Boca Raton's condo market is the gem of one of the most desirable cities on the eastern seaboard. These beautiful waterfront and downtown lofts permeate the landscape and offer an iconic lifestyle sought-after from every corner of the globe. For condo buyers, we've assembled this list of 20 key questions to ask when buying a condo. These basic inquiries will provide the backdrop for your condo search refinement, and remain applicable to any market you choose to search. Take heed, read on, and keep these twenty questions in mind when looking for your next big purchase.

condo building and association


What is the condition of the building? When is the last time it was inspected for foundational concerns? Ask these questions while ensuring you take time to view from the naked eye and draw your own conclusions about its upkeep.


Are they well-maintained and attractive? These are what your fees pay for,...

5 Social Media Marketing Tactics Every Realtor Should Try

5 social media marketing tactics every realtor should try

Social Media marketing is at the core of almost any customer-facing industry. In Real Estate, we have the benefit (or drawback, depending on how you see it) of still capably relying on our "ground games." Tactics such as billboards, mailers, and simple peer-to-peer networking has become less emphasized in many industries, most notably as e-commerce rises. Yet, despite our industry's reliance on localization and reputation, the analog days are further and fewer between. For Realtors of all ages and digital aptitudes, the time is now to begin employing the newest information and latest tactics to amplify your digital game and shift your practice to the future. 

humanize yourself

Humanize Yourself

Remember, that as a Realtor you are much more than a buyer and seller of houses - you are a conduit to the community that will be brand new to most of your clients. Out-of-state clients will want to know you have a broader knowledge of the area, not just the housing market. Whether it's schools you've put your kids through, the best wine bars, restaurants, and retail shops, or the best...

Moving To Downtown Boca Raton | Why You Should Consider Moving To Downtown Boca

why you should consider living in downtown boca

As Realtors, it's our job to not only bring you the best luxury condos for your needs but to provide a compelling case as to why you should live where we work. We're not here to sell illusions and act like our local tourism bureau, but we do love where we live and work, and we know you will too! We spoke to a few of our team members and asked them what their favorite part about living in Downtown Boca Raton is, and why they chose to live here in the busiest part of our beautiful city.

fine dining in downtown boca raton

Fine Dining And Upscale Living At Your Doorstep

Living in a downtown Boca Raton condo means that the best of the best is at your feet. Beyond the numerous amenities afforded in each condo complex, much of the best restaurants, retail, and public attractions in the area are within walking distance of your building. Perhaps the best known of these attractions is Mizner Park, which lies beneath the shadow of numerous nearby Boca condos, while many more are a few short minutes away on foot or by bicycle.

safe for pedestrians and cyclists...

Biking In Boca Raton | 4 Ways To Determine If Your Neighborhood Is Bike Friendly

4 ways to tell if your boca neighborhood is bike friendly

It only takes one trip up and down A1A in the early morning hours to recognize the commitment to cycling that so many Boca Luxury Condo Owners have. With outrageous gas prices combined with rising rent and mortgage rates, even the wealthiest among us are seeking a solution to chip away at... being chipped away themselves. For a city with year-round sunshine (and the occasional rainfall), it invites the young and old to take to two wheels and zip up our bike lanes. For our part, we looked into what Realtors and City Planners assess when designating an area "bike friendly" and identified four key metrics for you to remember yourself!

bike lanes in boca raton

Nearby Bike Lanes/Trails

Are the bike lanes easily legible? Do they indicate to motorists that this is a designated space? How close are off-road trails, or ways to cut through and beyond the larger thoroughfares that are often perilous for cyclists regardless of the signage and markings? For this blog, we're not just looking at the breezy bike rides some of us enjoy on quiet roads, but the broader picture for those looking to wield their bikes for more than just fun. Regardless of your purpose on two wheels, the municipal investment in biking is a strong indicator of...

Florida Homestead Exemption | What Is The Homestead Exemption and How Do I Qualify?

understanding the florida homestead exemption

When new Boca Raton condo buyers begin their search, the first thing that often comes to mind is luxury. Yet, amidst all the natural incentives, like our majestic waterfrontage, among the preeminent reasons to choose South Florida are the tax incentives. Firstly, the lack of a state income tax is among the most discussed reasons to work, live, and own property in Florida. Secondly, is the ever-popular Florida Homestead Exemption, built to mitigate some of the highest expenses as homeowners: property taxes. Read along and learn more, as we keep you attuned to the latest and most significant property laws, taxes, and new developments that may benefit you!

florida homestead checklist

What Do I Need To Qualify?

To qualify for the Florida Homestead Exemption you must provide/meet the following requirements:

  • A Valid State ID
  • An FL Vehicle Registration Number
  • A Florida Voter's ID
  • ...

Boca Luxury Condo Pricing | 4 Main Factors That Determine Your Condo Value

boca condo pricing main factors

Boca Raton's condo market is one of the most resplendent and valued in the world. Though much of Boca Raton's luxury condo pricing is contingent on the usually expected valuation factors, Boca Raton and South Florida at large are unique natural and geographical spaces to consider. For your information, we're delivering the 4 main factors that affect your condo value. For more condo value insights and ways to improve your luxury condo lifestyle, stay tuned to the Champagne & Parisi blog for more!

condo location east boca raton


The three most important words in Real Estate are... location, location, and location! However, when our luxury condo market includes options for private beachfront and boat slips, the difference of a couple of miles, and in some cases even a few hundred yards, can make a difference in millions. As always, Intracoastal access and direct oceanfront are different, but the most drastic difference between location-based pricing is simple: are you on the water, or not?