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The Best Places For Business Meetings In Boca Raton | Boca Raton Business Meeting

the best places for business meetings in boca raton

Boca Raton might be known as an extravagant sunkissed paradise, but it became what it is on the heels of the many successful residents and businesses either born in or relocated to Boca. If you're seeking wealth and success in Boca Raton, it helps to know both your audience and the venue in which to meet. Not all business meetings take place in formal wear, and not all clients are the same. For this reason, our list of the best places for business meetings in Boca Raton includes a variety of establishments. Some of these are more functional, while others are more... schmoozy. A confident presenter knows their audience, and with the variety of places to link up listed below, you'll always find the right place for a business meeting in Boca!

meeting at the addison of boca raton

The Addison Of Boca Raton 

Named for Boca Raton forefather Addison Mizner, this beautiful hotel was designed by the man himself in 1926. The Addison has long been featured in our blog for some of the classiest holiday events in Boca Raton, and today it is the culinary arts and myriad of rentable rooms that make the Addison an excellent venue for your classiest and most respected partners.


4 Luxurious Mizner Park Restaurants To Try | Mizner Park Restaurant Guide

fine dining in mizner park

So much of the wide complement of luxury condos in Boca Raton rest in the- shadow or mere moments from the Mizner Park downtown district. Despite Mizner Park sitting a few blocks west of A1A, residents of condos like Marbella, Chalfonte, San Remo, and more have no problem reaching Mizner Park in seconds. With this in mind, much of Boca Luxury Condo living is synonymous with the Mizner Park area and thus is likely to be a major part of your lifestyle as a new Boca condo owner. For today's blog, we took 4 of our very favorite fine dining establishments in a very competitive culinary market. Here are 4 luxurious Mizner Park restaurants to try for yourself.

escargot appetizer

La Nouvelle Maison

This (clearly) French restaurant is a favorite suggestion from our handful of French Realtors, offering a menu that could end at the horse oeuvres and we'd be happy. The appetizers alone include langoustine mac & cheese, escargots a la bourguignonne, duck liver pate, and of course, the timeless French onion soup. Their main menu reflects the diversity of meat and cheese options to pair...

Boca Raton Waterfront Condos Under $1 Million

boca waterfront condos under $1 million

There's nothing like a Boca Raton luxury condo. Such fineries and resort-style amenities were once reserved for mythic landscapes of wealth and class, such as Monaco, The Hamptons, Adriatic Italy, or the French Rivieria. With all these inspirational locales at the top of mind, the world's best architects and designers descended upon Boca Raton to give it a 30-year makeover that has now rendered the waterfront one of the unforgettable destinations for year-round vacation living anywhere in the world. Yet, even as housing prices soar beyond record-breaking, there are still many opportunities to live the charmed life at several of the well-appointed luxury waterfront condos found near our office and beyond. Learn where 5 of the best luxury condominiums can be found for at or under $1 Million!

200 east boca raton condo

200 East

200 East sits at the center of downtown Boca Raton. This 9-story Mediterranean-inspired condominium was developed in 2009 by Millennium Homes, and today is host to 115 downtown luxury condos. These residences include multilevel townhomes with attached garages, and even high-end private penthouses atop the 9th floor to give you a  true 360-degree view of Boca's shimmering waters and downtown bustle.


5 Florida Themed Books To Read From Your Condo Balcony | Boca Luxury Condos

boca raton beach reading guide

With so many days of sunny, seasonable weather, "beach reading" has become its subgenre of books. More of a designation of tone, rather than a topic-oriented phrase, "beach reading" has taken a life of its own, with everything from short stories, to local histories, to spicy romances. While Boca luxury condo owners enjoy the crisp sea breeze from their patio or on the sand, many of us choose to delve into a good book. we've found 5 of the best Florida-themed books to kick off your beach reading season today. Learn more about our local history and add a little wrinkle to your tanning regimen. Read on!

small town big secrets

Small Town, Big Secrets: Inside the Boca Raton Army Air Field During World War II 

  • Written By: Sally J. Ling, 2012

With so much of South Florida's diaspora and urban sprawl taking place in the last three or four decades, it's easy to forget the intrinsic involvement South Florida, namely Boca Raton had on the war effort.

Local author and paperback favorite Sally J. Ling pens this interesting look back at one of the most important developments of World War II. It was here at the (then) top-secret Boca Raton Army Air Field that troops learned to install, maintain, and operate the radar - a new technology at the time that can be credited among a handful of innovations that turned the tide of the war for the allies, and...

The Pros Of Boca Luxury Condo Living | Pros Of Condo Ownership

the pros of luxury condo living

At Champagne & Parisi Real Estate, our goal is to serve you - not line our pockets. With our ethics and intentions in tow, it's incumbent on us to portray the full story when evaluating your move to Boca Raton. There are incredible pros to living in a Boca Raton Luxury Condo, and glaring cons that we're eager to share with you. For the full picture on the good, and the bad, we're highlighting both in the next series of blogs. For the overwhelmingly positive pros of Boca Luxury Condo living, read on and enjoy our blog!

condo security

Safe & Sound

Most of Palm Beach County can count itself among some of the safer communities in the United States, but this doesn't mean bad things can't happen. While gated communities offer a well-established layer of security, there's nothing quite like the verticality, proximity, and seclusion that a Boca Luxury Condo offers. And while it may seem like the inverse is true, that steps to the beach seclude you from no danger, Boca Condos endeavors to secure and protect its premises, from sand to street.


Who Are The Richest People In Palm Beach County? | Boca Luxury Condos

the richest people in boca raton

Out of curiosity, and in the interest of luxury, our Boca Luxury Condo Blog has compiled the richest citizens of Palm Beach County, FL. Palm Beach County is among the most wealthy counties in America. Despite many other of the richest counties in America sharing proximity with Washington D.C. or Silicon Valley, Palm Beach County will always be the premier destination for the ultra-rich to vacation, if not live full time. For our list, we only counted those whom are actual Palm Beach residents, and not anyone from neighboring Broward, Dade, or even Collier Counties. Get to know who the movers and shakers are, and who's who amongst the richest people in Boca Raton and beyond!

David Tepper billionaire

David Tepper - Net worth: $15.8B

While best known for his ownership of the mercurial Carolina Panthers NFL franchise, Tepper made his fortune as Founder of Appaloosa Management, a Miami Beach headquartered hedge fund. Known by Forbes as "arguably the greatest hedge fund manager of his generation," he founded his incredibly successful hedge fund following a near-promotion as Goldman Sachs Junk Bond manager. After being passed over, he did his own thing, and can show the fruits of his labor on Wall Street, and the gridiron....

Boca Luxury Condo Checklist | Are You Getting The Value You Are Seeking?

boca luxury condo checklist

The three golden words of real estate about Boca Luxury condos more than anywhere else in the area: location, location, location. When shopping our many gorgeous Boca condominiums, you can safely add "amenities" to the old cliche. The value of our local condo market is as predicated on the luxurious resort-style amenities as its location, and you deserve nothing less! Among many questions, ensure you have these five inquiries in mind when lining up your condo luxury checklist.

boca luxury condo security

How Does Security Stack Up?

We admit, some Boca condo complexes are luxuriant Fort Knox, but if you're paying for luxury and living the high-rise life, you deserve the type of security that should come with your association fees. This could include everything from up-to-date alarm systems, friendly and well-trained security personnel, and well-lit, gated parking garages. Safety first! 

condo maintenance plan...

New Construction Luxury Condos in Downtown Boca Raton

New Construction Condos Downtown Boca Raton

Downtown Boca Raton is a picturesque section of East Boca that offers a chic, upscale, and highly walkable lifestyle. This vibrant area offers the convenience of being within walking distance to the Atlantic Ocean & the beautiful local beaches, as well as a variety of high-end boutiques, five-star restaurants, scenic parks, fabulous entertainment options, & incredible nightlife. With an increasing number of buyers seeking a low-maintenance, luxury lifestyle in the center of all the action, the demand for Downtown Boca Raton condos is steadily on the rise and not showing any signs of stopping. 

To meet this increasing demand for luxury condominium living in what has become one of South Florida’s most coveted destinations, development is booming in Downtown Boca Raton. These new downtown condo developments are some of the most sought-after properties on the market, offering not only an impressive selection of ultra-luxurious residences but also the finest amenities & services for the ultimate Boca lifestyle. Currently, there are several new luxury condominiums in the construction & pre-construction phases in Downtown Boca Raton, with units selling before developers even break ground on the project!...