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5 Features of Highly Profitable Rental Properties

features of highly profitable rentals

Boca Luxury Condos is a sound investment for both a resident and a landlord. While we already know the answer (yes) to the question of Boca's condo value as rentals, this doesn't mean every street, every unit, and every building is the perfect investment. For those investing here and beyond, we're eager to answer the questions we receive about the profitability and viability of renting out your condo in Boca Raton. These 5 features are a basic barometer that should give any would-be landlord a starting point when entertaining their prospects. If these 5 features of highly profitable rentals check out for you, you may consider renting your condo! While in no particular order, these 5 considerations should be all you need to begin investigating the rental of your unit. Read on and learn more in today's Boca Luxury Condo Blog.

local economy successes

The Strength and Desirability of the Local Market

Renters often choose to rent because they have recently relocated, cannot afford a home, or are waiting for market conditions to yield improved terms. Regardless of their "why," the purpose of renting is to reach a temporary agreement to lease a property for a specific set of time. Thus, the very nature...

Smart Money Kitchen Updates For Your Boca Raton Rental Condo

smart money kitchen updates

Owning Rental properties are all about balance. Before undertaking any cost/benefit analysis, a landlord should ensure the well-being of their tenants and the decency of the property they're renting. Once essential human rights are guaranteed, it's time to look into profitability. There are some things we have little control over, such as the neighborhood at large, nearby public projects, utility issues, and crime, but what lies beyond the sidewalk and within our walls is our responsibility. These 5 updates will go a long way in not only adding value to your rental condo but improve the aesthetics and livability for your tenants. Not every major remodel needs to cost a fortune, and with these 5 smart money kitchen updates, we show you 5 ways to improve one of the most important and traversed rooms in your condo.

modern lighting in luxury condo

Upgrade Your Light Fixtures

Without replacing any electrical components or interacting with high-voltage connections, there are ways to replace the outermost components of your light fixtures to modernize and improve your Boca Raton rental condo. You might not even need to replace your fixtures, but consider the difference in light refraction and ambiance when the bulbs themselves are replaced....

Detailing The Rise Of Smart Home Technology In Boca Condos

smarthome technology in boca condos

Smart Home technology has become increasingly popular in Boca luxury condos, with the most upscale of selections often incorporating it as a standard feature. The convenience, security, and energy efficiency offered by these systems have made them a desirable feature for many condo buyers. As our homes, phones, cars, and computers become more integrated, it’s important to stay abreast of the latest developments in technologies that can significantly improve your quality of life. Here are a few ways Smart Home Technology is making life more efficient, enjoyable, and even more affordable.

convenience and comfort

Convenience and Comfort

We now have an easy answer to the terrifying question: “Did you forget to put the garage down?” Smart home technology provides a level of convenience and comfort that was once only a dream. With a few taps on your smartphone, you can adjust your home's temperature, lighting, doors, and security systems. In more luxuriant and complete buildouts, you can even adjust your window shades or turn on your coffee maker before even getting out of bed. This convenience and comfort are particularly attractive to luxury condo buyers who value a high standard of living, along with the everlasting convenience that downtown proximity and condo living already...

Boca Raton Home Offices | Upgrade Your Home Office Space

upgrade your luxury condo office

Even before COVID, the push to shift workers towards a more home-based model was omnipresent in many industries. While the psychological impact and productivity can be called into question, the inexorable forces of the industry have spoken and many are asked to, or are asking to work from home. Whether part time or full time, the key to maintaining a productive space is nuanced by not being unknown. The mindset behind being productive at home plays a big difference in how you amplify your workflow at your otherwise most relaxing space. To work where you play, and sleep, learn more about how to maintain effectiveness when working from your Boca condo home office.

designated office space

Designate Your Space and Keep It That Way

Traditional office spaces have specific floor plans, furniture, and storage spaces for a reason. They're designed to accommodate work, and those who execute the tasks at hand. For a Boca Raton home office, it's a fundamental prerequisite to truly (not metaphorically) choose your office space and keep it that way. That means preventing the other areas of your life from encroaching into your workspace. After all, a cluttered home is a cluttered mind, and nowhere is...

Boca Raton Balcony Gardens | Tips On How To Go Green From Your Luxury Condo Balcony

start your boca condo balcony garden

Boca Luxury Condo living gives you so much to do under one roof. With rich, luxuriant amenities it's nearly impossible to find yourself in a state of boredom. Beyond the confines of our many beautiful waterfront condos, the natural environs we're blessed to be immersed in daily beckon us to enjoy. However, the amenities, offerings, and many delicious restaurants aren't yours to own. For the best life, under your roof, many locals have gone green on their condo balconies. These small spaces can be a rich platform for an herb garden and beyond. Learn more about how to get your condo balcony started with our quick guide below!

boca raton yard sale

Shop Yard Sales & Thrift Stores To Save on Pots and Equipment

Most of us don't realize just how expensive gardening can be until we leave with $47 worth of pots from Home Depot without realizing we spent a penny. Gardening, especially when food or herbs are involved, can be cost-effective, but can also turn on its head. Yard sales and thrift stores almost always have a small garden section with trowels, pots, watering tools, hand rakes, and more waiting for a lucky buyer to get these essentials for fractions of the retail cost. Don't overspend before you start!

watering plants on balcony...

Boca Luxury Condo Decor | 5 Low Cost Ways To Reinvent Your Condo Aesthetic

low cost aesthetic changes for your boca condo

For today's Boca Luxury Condo blog, we explore more affordable ways to reinvent your condo aesthetic. Not everything that says "luxury" has to be expensive, and it's often the way we express ourselves through our style, rather than the brands and products themselves that communicate the lifestyle we hope to lead. Read on and learn more about how to spend wisely, save money, and live the luxury lifestyle you've dreamed of! 

natural lighting through condo window

Allow More Natural Lighting

This could be as cheap as free, and if not requires a simple replacement or removal of whatever window coverings you may currently have. Natural light has been shown to improve outcomes in hospitalized patients, but it doesn't take extreme circumstances to benefit from the life-enhancing effects of natural light, especially as you rise in the mornings.

replace curtains and sheets

Replace Curtains, Sheets, Pillowcases, and Other Replaceable Upholstery

We don't expect you to desecrate your upholstery in pursuit of something different,...

Boca Raton Furniture Donation Centers | A Guide To Donating Furniture In Boca

donate furniture in boca raton

Whether moving, arriving, or simply remodeling, the last thing we'd want to do is see our furniture enter the scrap heap. Thankfully, the giving spirit is strong in Boca Raton, and the community response has been impressive. With more than one way to donate, or shop, we're happy to illuminate some of the most commonly utilized places and organizations to donate your gently used furniture to those in need.

helping hands holding a red heart

Home Pickup Service - Networking To Help Children

This small nonprofit collects everything from furniture, to appliances, and clothing to wield these donated goods to fundraise and provide for children in need. The organization was founded in 2009 to unite the private, public, and nonprofit sectors in our shared humanitarian mission. Donating gently used household goods plays directly in the support of children in all manner of need - from those with debilitating health conditions, foster children, and children of active military personnel.

cardboard donation box


5 Ways To Make Your Boca Condo Your Happy Place | Boca Condo Design

5 ways to make your boca condo your happy place

Before we begin, let's be honest... If you're the proud owner of a Boca Luxury Condo, chances are you've found your happy place already. The amenities, security, the views, access, and beyond make Boca Raton one of the most sought after places to own a condo. However, you can't bring the jacuzzi upstairs, and you certainly can't sit at the beach from the foot of your bed. Beyond the obvious that you're so blessed to enjoy, what else can you do to ensure every square foot of your Boca condo lifestyle is as pleasant as the walk to the shoreline? With these 5 tips, learn how to make your Boca condo your happy place, so when it's time to relax, you don't have to go anywhere at all.

enjoy music

Enjoy Music

It sounds simple enough, but music (and sound in general) has a biochemical effect on the brain. There's a reason obstetricians suggest playing more Mozart than Mayhem near toddlers. Having a solid sound setup and a means to enjoy your music is part of what sets the ambiance of your Boca condo - no differently than light or scent. 

natural light condo


Boca Condo Living | 4 Cutting Edge Innovations

cutting edge condo innovations

Boca Luxury Condo living should be more than a luxuriant Tuscan revival. With the Mediterranean-inspired architecture such a central part of Boca Raton's architectural history, it's easy to forget that the trappings of luxury are hardly monolithic. What Boca Raton brings in classical beauty, it also brings in modern innovation. For every gorgeous art installation, there's cutting-edge technology lining the interior of your Boca Luxury condo. Learn what's new and what to look for when searching for your dream condo!

central vacuum system

Central Vacuum System

Similar yet still freestanding appliances have been seen for years in salons, making a massive floor mess into quick work. Did you know, similar technology has been installed in residential settings? Rather than a massive, unshapely appliance, the central vacuum is one of the most efficient and space-saving additions to your luxury condo. Many Boca condo owners choose luxury and location over space and cost. Thus, the ability to remove a larger appliance from your floorplan in exchange for a simple and effective solution is a win-win. This is perfect for ...

Declutter Your Boca Condo | 5 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Space

boca condo declutter

The best of Boca Luxury Condos provide amenities that would make a celebrity jealous. With everything from crystalline pool decks, picturesque golf courses, and steps to a shimmering beachfront, it's easy to see why "clutter' wouldn't even be a thought to most luxury condo owners. However, even with maid service and an eye for detail, condos are an exchange of space for luxury, and thusly can lead to cluttered situations that single-family homes may provide the space to better accommodate. This Spring, we are excited to share more tips and tricks that our clients and Realtors use to keep their Boca condos decluttered. Learn more below!

clear countertops

Keep Flat Surfaces Clear

The easy temptation is to use your counters, tables, and desks as temporary (or not so temporary) storage points for things that don't have a "place." This could be true for paperwork, devices, even desk trinkets that are looking for a permanent home. Clearing flat surfaces allow for more workspace (obviously) but ensuring the most tempting of places to clutter your home turns into one of the most reassuring. A cluttered home is a cluttered mind, and there's no better place to start than clearing those counters!