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Boca Raton Beach Restaurants | Where To Stop For Food On A Boca Beach Day

boca raton beach food

The hot sun, salt spray, and excitement of a Boca Raton beach day are sure to gin up some hungry beachgoers. While there are plenty of terrific Boca Raton restaurants in the Mizner Park area and beyond, we looked at 5 restaurants we feel are the perfect fit for a quick tour from the waterfront. Whether it's an upscale raw bar, a seafood-focused sports bar, or a spot right across the street for healthy bites, here are five spots you should consider when you stroll from the sand with an empty belly!

flanigans seafood bar

Flanigans Seafood Bar & Grill

Flanigans is a name synonymous with the laid-back, sports bar environment that is a favorite amongst Boca residents and beyond. Since 1959, Flanigans has made its name through consistent quality, most notably through its famous baby back ribs, home-sourced seafood, and signature green plastic cups. The indoor/outdoor environment is conducive to cooling off in the A/C or enjoying the autumn breeze with a cocktail at their outdoor bar.

luffs fish house

Luff's Fish House

For a more upscale take on fresh seafood,...

Walkable Neighborhoods In Boca Raton | How To Know If Your Neighborhood Is Walkable

how to know if your neighborhood is walkable

One of the most modern forms of Real Estate evaluation is neighborhood walkability. Between the price of gas, and the general desire to get out and get walking, new residents of Boca Raton are wondering if they'll enjoy the same or similar walkability as their prior flat in Tribeca. While we can't promise a metropolis of possibility seated on a small island, we can give you the knowledge and insights required to make decisions on your behalf. When that fails, our incredible team of Realtors is ready to show you all things local - by car or by foot! 

woman walking alone at night

Residents Walk Alone At Night

While this is largely dependent on one's anecdotal observations and personal experiences, the more people walking alone at night, the safer a neighborhood usually is. This is both due to safety in numbers, but also the broader perception of the area by its residents. In many cases, seeing how locals operate when public safety isn't a guarantee and the safety of daylight isn't present can indicate a lot about the way the area is understood.

sidewalks in boca raton


Pet Friendly Home Guide | 4 Tips To Make Your Boca Raton Condo Pet Friendly

pet friendly condo | boca luxury condo blog cover

Having pets can be the greatest joy, but sometimes our daily lives don’t necessarily mesh with our little friend’s needs. Being a pet parent requires some research if you truly want your pet to be able to enjoy their home as you do. With some little tips and information, you won’t need to worry about their well-being, giving you the peace of mind you deserve. Unfortunately, sometimes mistakes happen, and going outside or to work is when trouble strikes. Boca Raton luxury condos are renowned the world over for their amenities and among these is their overall pet friendliness - with so many backroads, bike trails, and dog beaches to boot.But what about your space? Is your Boca Condo pet approved? These 4 pet-friendly tips can make your condo the ideal living situation for both you, and your little sidekick.

Pets Need Help As We Do

grey kitten looking up at owner

Pets, like human beings, are privy to all sorts of physical complications. The older your pet gets, the worse things get. Providing your fur child with special furniture to snuggle on the couch with...

5 Incredible Home Accessories For Condo Living | Boca Luxury Condo Living

Condo Living can be an incredible lifestyle of a constant hassle for space. Obviously, your relationship with your space and belongings is the most significant precursor to the organization of your Boca Raton luxury condo. However, there are ways to massively up-level our quality of life in our condo or townhome, with a little know how and a few dollars to spend - see these 

Desk Lamp With USB

desk lamp with usb

These days it seems everything has to be charged via USB. Why waste desk space with more than you absolutely need, when your source of light also packs a charge? Many desk lamps found all over now come with a built in USB charger port, often found at the base of the lamp. They run from cheap to very expensive, depending on the extent of features and quality of aesthetics. 

Smart Thermostat

smart thermostat on wall

During the summer in South Florida, over 80% of...

4 Dog Breeds For Apartment Living | Condo Friendly Dogs

Welcome to Boca Raton--a condo hotspot for those looking for beautiful views, convenient locales, and a luxury lifestyle. Boca is no doubt an upscale city housing some of the most affluent people in Florida. Millions of people flock to the sunny beaches, warm weather, and blue skies to set up permanent residency. Condos are a popular choice among Florida residents, and the cost of renting or owning one can most certainly be costly. With that factoid present, one problem with a vast majority of new condo owners comes down to one thing; it's not money, it's not maintenance, and it isn't worrying about the next night out; it's our pets. Having a pet is one of the greatest joys in our lives, but sometimes we are posed with a complicated question: is my pet the appropriate size? Dogs are an extremely common sight here in Boca, and many condo owners are racked with guilt over whether or not their breed will have a happy living environment in their new home. Luckily, with proper research, your dog may be the appropriate and best dog breed for a condo.


two female maltese dogs

Maltese is the quintessential dog breed here in Boca. If you're a Boca native or a visitor traveling, you've probably seen a fair share of this breed in bags, shopping carts, and leashes. There is a very good reason why this breed is so popular here in the area. Maltese...