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Even before COVID, the push to shift workers towards a more home-based model was omnipresent in many industries. While the psychological impact and productivity can be called into question, the inexorable forces of the industry have spoken and many are asked to, or are asking to work from home. Whether part time or full time, the key to maintaining a productive space is nuanced by not being unknown. The mindset behind being productive at home plays a big difference in how you amplify your workflow at your otherwise most relaxing space. To work where you play, and sleep, learn more about how to maintain effectiveness when working from your Boca condo home office.

designated office space

Designate Your Space and Keep It That Way

Traditional office spaces have specific floor plans, furniture, and storage spaces for a reason. They're designed to accommodate work, and those who execute the tasks at hand. For a Boca Raton home office, it's a fundamental prerequisite to truly (not metaphorically) choose your office space and keep it that way. That means preventing the other areas of your life from encroaching into your workspace. After all, a cluttered home is a cluttered mind, and nowhere is this more true than in a home office space.

create layered lighting

Create Layered Lighting

"Layered lighting" is the deft use of manmade and natural lighting to create an immersive and relaxing space. This usually begins with positioning your desk towards a window, knowing the natural inflow of light that your condo will experience each day. Layered lighting also includes accounting for nightfall, in which the sunset (if you're facing west) and city lights will similarly impact your layered lighting. The proper blend of light will ease you into your workflow and maximize productivity, fighting fatigue and creating a serene space.

upscale office furniture

Invest In Great Furniture

There's no point in building the perfect home office if your chair and desk are uncomfortable and less-than-utilitarian. When choosing both, be sure to invest in comfort and utility equally. For instance, an attractive desk with the perfect finish doesn't help if it doesn't have the proper eyelets for threading cables. A cable strewn desktop will take away from the working space and aesthetic wellness, defeating the purpose of your selection in the first place. Examples such as this, along with the dreaded discomforting chair, lack of drawers, organizers, or tabletop space, are reasons to be extremely judicious and not too cheap when shopping for the mothership of your home office.

get a handle on clutter

Get A Handle ON Clutter 

This is a universal tenet for life - not just in your office, not just one room, your car, backyard, or wherever else you occupy with your belongings. Before doing anything, especially moving in furniture, decide what belongs in your work space, what needs to move, or what needs to be thrown out altogether. If you take the time to really deconstruct the space you're designating for your office, you'll discover there are many things you haven't seen in years that you'll never use again, and a few things you may be keeping around that are better used for sale or in a donation box. 

divide office room from home

Divide The Room From Other Spaces

This crucial tip harkens back to the first, in which you'll truly manifest the use of your space and begin taking real steps to make that a physical reality. A light divider such as the one shown in the picture above is a perfect way to allow for the separation of space without compromising the ease of access nor light penetration. A semi-open, collapsible wall will finalize the desired creation of dedicated space without cordoning off, or creating an energetic obstruction to your Boca Condo. 

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