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the pros of boca high rise condos

When it comes to luxury high rises, Boca Raton offers among the finest selection across the entire east coast. Boca Raton is certainly no small town, but pales in comparison to the cities along the seaboard in terms of urban sprawl and overall size. The relationship between scale and available inventory, along with the general favorability of the weather year-round, makes Boca Raton one of the most illustrious places to enjoy the best of high rise living. As Realtors, it's our imperative to inform you of the good and bad around every deal, and with so much new condo construction happening around town we put our high rises straight into focus. 

added security in high rises

Added Security

A High-Rise condo can provide security that a gated community can never hope to match. Not only are the points of entry largely sequestered to a small few doorways, there are often 24/7 security and desk staff present at the ground level. Even in the event of a security breach, the additional doorway between you and the hallway is just another way to add layers between yourself and whatever danger may present itself. In the grimmest of situations, the fact you share space with so many nearby neighbors makes it a distinct challenge for anyone to discreetly commit crime, with this reality itself deterring would be criminals from selecting your condo in the first place.



Boca Raton at large isn't the greatest city for pedestrians and transit cyclists. Yet, the downtown region, especially its high rises provide immediate access to the best restaurants, shopping, beaches, and parks. In many downtown condos, such as 5 Palms, you're an elevator ride away from the likes of the new Wildflower Park, fine dining and everyday restaurants, the drawbridge, waterfront, and Mizner Park. There simply aren't many places outside of Downtown Boca's luxury condo cluster that offer the vaunted NYC walkability so many transplanted residents are accustomed to.

infrastructurally prepared

Infrastructurally Prepared

The upside of the often high fees and management expenses as a Boca condo owner is the preparedness for the worst. Hurricanes, while still an omnipresent risk to any resident in the path of one dangerous enough, are less of a threat to a high rise condo owner. These buildings are often retrofitted with the latest smarthome technology, backup generators, and impact windows & doors. Condo associations help alleviate the risk and responsibility for building safety, while providing a tenable place to sit and survive the worst Mother Nature can throw at us. 

cityscape view

The Views

Whether you're in the heart of downtown Boca, a golf course condo, a luxuriant waterfront resort,  something in between, people move to Boca Raton for the natural beauty we enjoy year-round. Condos facing east can enjoy the views from their balcony window to the endless expanses of the Atlantic, while those facing west an enjoy the majestic sunsets with colors resembling everything from cotton candy to deep oranges, yellows and reds. Simply put, there are few condos if any at all that don't offer residents a beautiful view of what comes to mind when we imagine Boca Raton.

high rise elevators


This is a great convenience until they break, but thankfully for us, Boca luxury condo communities are often maintained to the minute detail. Some midrise condos, especially those under 4 stories, may only have one elevator in the building, clearly indicating the intent to provide an option for handicap compliance and those moving in or out, but not as a general passenger mover. High rise condos are built like hotels, while mid rise and low lying condos are not. Due to this, high rise condos often have elevator bays with multiple, spacious, comfortable elevators that are purpose built to move people, rather than as a means to remain compliant with the ADA. The difference in ease of access is significant.

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