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a guide to boca raton's best art galleries

Boca Luxury condos are renowned for their vaulted ceilings, tactful architecture, and contemporary design. Whether an ultramodern resort like One Thousand Ocean or an oceanfront Mediterranean paradise like excelsior, these delightful condominiums are practically built to display the finest things in life. When our Boca luxury condo realtors hand you the keys, the next step after move-in is to make it your own. Thankfully, the Boca Raton art community has risen to the occasion to provide some of the best galleries in the state. Whether to use as inspiration or to purchase outright, these Boca Raton art galleries provide you with the work to turn your empty canvas of a condo into a rich display of culture and tact.

rosenbaum contemporary

Rosenbaum Contemporary

Rosenbaum Contemporary is one of our favorite galleries in Boca Raton, with a well-provisioned gallery full of for-sale options, their knowledgable team has long been friends of Champagne & Parisi Real Estate. They play a major role in art cultivation, with a monthly newsletter sent to its many patrons with new displays and features often showing.

vertu fine art

Vertu Fine Art

Vertu Fine Art might be the most accessible retail space as far as quality art goes, offering prints and originals across a massive array of featured artists. With less focus on particular styling and a more freewheeled approach, VFA has focused the better part of the past two decades on curating pop, abstract expressionism, and optical art. This is perfect for the luxuriant Boca condo, with pieces that are equal parts modern and magnificent.

pavo real

Pavo Real

Found in the Boca Town Center Mall, Pavo Real, Spanish for Peacock, focuses on what they deem witty, elegant, and delightful. Much of their focus is on 3D art, sculpture, and numerous curios, mantlepieces, and animal depictions ranging from the cartoonish to the realist. Most famously, they carry several rare works by Tim "Frogman" Cotterill, who is best known (as his nickname would indicate) for his ornate, lustrous sculptures of these amphibians.

wentworth gallery

Wentworth Gallery

The Wentworth Gallery is also a Boca Town Center location, featuring a broader emphasis on 2D art representing a variety of 20th Century styles among others. One of the most prominent names in art retail, they feature a style of painter for everyone - whether building out your decor plan at your new high-end luxury waterfront condo, or adding something fresh to your local office, The Wentworth Gallery has an option for you, and an expert to lead you there.

stuart glazer art

Stuart Glazer Art

Michigan-based Stuart Glazer is known for his rare but not unknown acrylic on canvas style. The result of these thick, intense brushstrokes upon such a typical medium grants a level of sharpness and color-richness that is not often achieved in the same way via oil or watercolor paint. His primary genre of specialty is romantic realism, but he has achieved much commercial success via his depiction of Jazz icons such as John Coltrane, Dave Brubeck, Thelonious Monk, and John Lee Hooker.

artfix gallery

Airfix Gallery

Original | Affordable | Fine Art. This is how Airfix Gallery has endeared itself to the local audience. Fine art should not be something reserved exclusively for millionaires, and Airfix seeks to acquire beautiful, moving works available to most. The reasonable prices are met by a quaint yet vibrant gallery, friendly staff, and consistently quality pieces. As part of a global network of similar galleries, they have no issue importing the latest and greatest interpretations of timeless style.

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