Boca Luxury Condo Decor | 5 Low Cost Ways To Reinvent Your Condo Aesthetic

low cost aesthetic changes for your boca condo

For today's Boca Luxury Condo blog, we explore more affordable ways to reinvent your condo aesthetic. Not everything that says "luxury" has to be expensive, and it's often the way we express ourselves through our style, rather than the brands and products themselves that communicate the lifestyle we hope to lead. Read on and learn more about how to spend wisely, save money, and live the luxury lifestyle you've dreamed of! 

natural lighting through condo window

Allow More Natural Lighting

This could be as cheap as free, and if not requires a simple replacement or removal of whatever window coverings you may currently have. Natural light has been shown to improve outcomes in hospitalized patients, but it doesn't take extreme circumstances to benefit from the life-enhancing effects of natural light, especially as you rise in the mornings.

replace curtains and sheets

Replace Curtains, Sheets, Pillowcases, and Other Replaceable Upholstery

We don't expect you to desecrate your upholstery in pursuit of something different, or even to remove your current sheets, pillows, and curtains. However, not every season, or every day is going to warrant the same aesthetic from your sheets and pillowcases, so it's wise to carry an alternative set at the very least, if not experiencing a complete overhaul of your color scheme, and even the fabric itself.

polka dotted throw pillows

Wield Throw Pillows Judiciously

A common point of contention between husband and wife - the throw pillow is often the edifice of a battle between space, utility, and decor. Some are minimalistic, while others are far too generous with the quantity and selection of throw pillows they choose to employ throughout the house. The proper adjudgment of the involvement of throw pillows is entirely up to you, and whoever you may live with.


Investigate Your Lightbulbs

Lightbulbs do three things for us: produce light, create heat, and shade with color. Often it's the right combination of the three that can improve the quality of your home, in the complementary way that natural light can. Your choice of lightbulbs may be costing you more money, creating unnecessary heat, or providing the wrong color to match your condo. Often investing in either a superior material, a chromatically attuned bulb, or a programmable lightbulb with a dimmer can make all the difference compared.

paint trim work 

Paint Trimwork

The baseboards and trim work leave you with an excellent opportunity to apply a little flair to your stairwells, walls, and even doorways. A duotone between the walls and trim work can elevate the classiness of your home and enhance its appearance to feel more stately, especially when blended properly with the floor and wall colors. Choose color and tone wisely, but don't shy away from an otherwise estraightforwardand affordable way to improve your home beyond what a single lightbulb, pillow, or curtain can.

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