Boca Luxury Condo Checklist | Are You Getting The Value You Are Seeking?

boca luxury condo checklist

The three golden words of real estate about Boca Luxury condos more than anywhere else in the area: location, location, location. When shopping our many gorgeous Boca condominiums, you can safely add "amenities" to the old cliche. The value of our local condo market is as predicated on the luxurious resort-style amenities as its location, and you deserve nothing less! Among many questions, ensure you have these five inquiries in mind when lining up your condo luxury checklist.

boca luxury condo security

How Does Security Stack Up?

We admit, some Boca condo complexes are luxuriant Fort Knox, but if you're paying for luxury and living the high-rise life, you deserve the type of security that should come with your association fees. This could include everything from up-to-date alarm systems, friendly and well-trained security personnel, and well-lit, gated parking garages. Safety first! 

condo maintenance plan

What's In Your Maintenance Plan?

Every plan is different, and you need to know what you can expect with your association coverage. If your Boca luxury condo includes any electronic or mechanical accouterments along with your furnishings, ensure your maintenance plan covers this. In addition, your amenities should be clean and functional. After all, a gym littered with broken equipment and a pool full of fallen leaves are unbecoming of your luxury condo experience.

eco friendly condo

Is Your Boca Condo Eco Friendly?

This is more than just an expression of our desire to do better. Eco-friendly, in the condo world often means a better standard of living and savings on your bills. This is especially intrinsic to the needs of seasonal condo owners, who may be concerned with expenses in their absence due to leaky doors and windows, old appliances, or outdated cooling systems. Oftentimes a condo's commitment to modern technology dovetails with eco-friendliness.

dishwasher in condo

Check Appliances, A/C, and Other Centralized Fixtures

You didn't bring your dishwasher from up north, did you? Most Boca luxury condominiums include a washer, dryer, central AC, garbage disposal, and more. Check the appliances and look for their dates of production, energy star, and overall quality. It's often the appliances and installations that sell the condo as much as anything else within those walls.

tennis court with racket

Do The Amenities Suit Your Needs?

Just because your luxury condo prospect has 3 pools and a massive sun deck doesn't mean it's worth the added cost to you. While amenities aren't their line item, the fees to create and maintain them are a major part of your ongoing costs of condo ownership. Resort-style living and easy access to luxurious amenities are a major part of any condo selection process. If you're a die-hard tennis player, perhaps an internet cafe and coffee bar don't suit you. If you're a digital marketer, do those har tru tennis courts matter? It all factors into how you spend your money and where you choose to live. Choose wisely!

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