Boca Condo Living | 4 Cutting Edge Innovations

cutting edge condo innovations

Boca Luxury Condo living should be more than a luxuriant Tuscan revival. With the Mediterranean-inspired architecture such a central part of Boca Raton's architectural history, it's easy to forget that the trappings of luxury are hardly monolithic. What Boca Raton brings in classical beauty, it also brings in modern innovation. For every gorgeous art installation, there's cutting-edge technology lining the interior of your Boca Luxury condo. Learn what's new and what to look for when searching for your dream condo!

central vacuum system

Central Vacuum System

Similar yet still freestanding appliances have been seen for years in salons, making a massive floor mess into quick work. Did you know, similar technology has been installed in residential settings? Rather than a massive, unshapely appliance, the central vacuum is one of the most efficient and space-saving additions to your luxury condo. Many Boca condo owners choose luxury and location over space and cost. Thus, the ability to remove a larger appliance from your floorplan in exchange for a simple and effective solution is a win-win. This is perfect for Boca pet owners and messy cooks!

smart safety systems

"Smart" Home Systems

Remember the uneasy feeling of leaving home without the certainty that you shut the garage door? "Smart" is an acronym for many things - TV's, cars, phones, and more. With a "SMART" home, your home access is no longer predicated upon your presence, and depending the level of sophistication, could control everything from garage doors, locks, pivot cameras, control refrigerator temperatures, set lights, draw shades, and so much more! With a SMART condo, leaving home has never been less anxiety-inducing.

usb sofa integration

USB Integrated Bed Frame, Sofa

We don't suggest spending all day by our devices, especially with so much fresh air and wonderful natural beauty to be found in Boca Raton. However, when we are relaxing, whether it be on the couch or propped up on a pillow before bed, wouldn't it be nice to have a sleek, easily accessible port to charge your phone, tablet, or computer? With so many of our bedrooms resembling a latticework of wires rather than an organized, comfortable place to unwind, a USB integrated furniture piece delivers the accessibility you need with an aesthetic you deserve.

smart nightstand

"Smart" Nightstand

A perfect amalgamation of our prior two entires, the "Smart" nightstand is a centrifuge for all things bedroom and lifestyle related. Smart nightstands come with the expected charging ports and wireless charging pads, but did you know many also include sleep aids such as sunrise-simulating LED lighting, a white noise generator, and bluetooth speakers. These are just some of the dozens of life-enhancing accouterments that feature prominently in a smart nightstand.

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