Boca Condo Flooring and Decor | 5 Temporary Flooring Options To Liven Up Your Space

5 temporary flooring options for your boca condo

If you've ever seen The Big Lebowski, you'd know that "the rug that tied the room together" was more than a plot device. It spoke to us. The area rug that would become the crux of one of the most interesting and unique movies of all time, was a motif that people just... felt. Maybe you had to be there, but temporary doesn't just have to be something renters experience. Some Boca condo owners might just be more flippant than the seasonal owners who wish to return to their Florida abode the way they left it. Whether you're artsy, prone to change, love a good seasonal rotation, or are just plain capricious, we identified and researched 5 ways to spice up your floor situation and give life to your Boca condo!

click in faux wood tiling

Click-In Faux Wood 

"Click in" faux wood is one of the newest flooring technologies taking the condo and rental market by storm. Now condo owners can achieve that elegant, textured hardwood flooring without ripping up the existing tile or carpet. We love the textured, muted tones that have replaced standard squared and grouted tile of years' past. However, even as a luxury condo owner in a place like 200 East, your design capabilities will often be restricted, delayed, or even throttled by what you can do and for how long. This moveable, click-in wood is a durable and beautiful way to redefine your flooring without ripping up a single tile. 

area rug

Area Rugs

Area rugs, especially the patterned and textured variety, are the very essence of what "ties the room together." These rugs are often best left under coffee tables, bedframes, and even in larger space kitchens. Unlike foam or click in wood tiling, area rugs don't press you with the responsibility with total floor coverage, making them as much a decor piece as a flooring solution. They can break up the monotony of a large space, anchor a large furniture piece, and serve to prevent scratches, scuffs, and damage. The variety, sizes, and portability make area rugs the perfect solution for renters.

foam tile flooring

Foam Floor

Perfect for gym rats and parents, and those who live in between. While the jigsaw styled foam flooring often seen in fitness studios is not the most aesthetic solution, it might  be the perfect fit for that den you're converting into a home gym, office, or playroom. Despite the concerns with durability and visual appeal, foam flooring is now made in textured finishes, replicating the grain of wood or tile. While not the cheapest or prettiest, foam flooring adds a dynamic, anti-fatiguing touch to whatever room you choose to place it.

artificial turf

Artificial Grass

This is perfect for dog lovers in high places, but far from just a four-legged solution. Artificial grass or turf is perfect for that high-rise balcony, especially when training dogs. Even if taking a jaunt downtown with your pup is part of your daily routine, the artificial turf on your balcony provides a backup plan in the event of inclement weather, or anything else that would keep you inside. Beyond an illustrious place for your dog to handle their "business," artificial turf can add a no-maintenance, natural vibe to a limited space, even amplifying indoor sunlit areas where you may keep houseplants or other natural adornments. 

peel and stick tiles

Peel and Stick Tiles

While not as transportable as a rug, turf patch, or even click in flooring, peel and stick tiles are versatile enough to use across your condo at every level. They're popularly used as backsplashes in kitchens, with the ever-tasteful "subway" tiling used to liven up a bland kitchen. We can't speak to their portability, but they tend to be more affordable than faux-wood solutions, especially when bought in significant quantities.

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