Boca Luxury Condo Design | 5 Ideas For To Get The Most From Your Balcony

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Boca Luxury Condos are known for their high-class elegance, combining gentle nautical design motifs with a traditional interpretation of Mediterranean decor. The whites, baby blues, and calm stylings are the perfect break from the high-rise gaudiness we see in other major real estate markets like New York, Chicago, and even Los Angeles. Perhaps nowhere in the country is there a better opportunity to carve out your slice of paradise and view the sunrise from your balcony. Here are a handful of our favorite ideas to maximize your space and add another layer of elegance to your Boca condo balcony!

bamboo privacy barrier

Create Your Bamboo Privacy Barrier

Deluxe and upscale doesn't have to mean store-bought and professionally designed. To this day, some of our favorite structures at some of the largest Boca luxury estates are chickee huts, gazebos, and other semi-manmade naturally fortified outdoor hovels. Bamboo is a timeless building material, with the flexion to bend and the strength to hold, There's a reason why so many Asian peoples rely on bamboo to build their homes for typhoon readiness. A bit less drastic is the potential to lash bamboo rods to craft your privacy barrier. 

balcony planter wall

Build Or Install A Planter Wall

Boca Raton's subtropical environs are optimal for much of the world's wildlife to teem and thrive. With the semi-shaded exposure, most Boca luxury condo balconies afford, it's easy to plant for both decorative and practical purposes. Whether spending big on an ornate living wall installed by professionals or spending a weekend on some DIY magic, lush greenery can only add more beauty to your balcony, never less.

pomeranian gazing through balcony railing

Space For Your Dog

Have you seen those artificial turf patches, doggie gates, and even mail-ordered natural grass? These are superb training tools for your Boca condo pets, but also potential fixtures to one side of your balcony. Depending on the square footage, it might be easy to slice a rectangle of space to give to your best friend - for sanitation, and sanity's sake.

installing new balcony flooring

Spruce Up Your Floor Decor

Much like you might see on the floor of a nursery, we adults can also enjoy the addition of interlocking flooring to add another dimension to what normally begins as a bland concrete floor. While multi-colored foam flooring might not be your vibe, there are dozens of wood, ceramic, and textile options to suit your fancy and match your interior/exterior design scheme.

balcony rail mounted table

Make the Most of Your Railing

Your balcony railing has one true purpose - to keep you safe. However, there is so much more than can be done with this otherwise exclusively functional accouterment to your Boca condo. With space for hanging plants, having rail-mounted planters are perfect for flower patches, herbs, and beyond. However, what we're fascinated by is the slim, subtle tables and countertops added to some of these modern balconies. While these features are more commonly explored amidst the urban sprawl of New York City, Chicago, or another similar space, you don't need to be crammed in and sky-high to deftly use your space. Imagine a glass of wine at the edge of your balcony bar, with the sunset as your backdrop.

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