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5 ways to make your boca condo your happy place

Before we begin, let's be honest... If you're the proud owner of a Boca Luxury Condo, chances are you've found your happy place already. The amenities, security, the views, access, and beyond make Boca Raton one of the most sought after places to own a condo. However, you can't bring the jacuzzi upstairs, and you certainly can't sit at the beach from the foot of your bed. Beyond the obvious that you're so blessed to enjoy, what else can you do to ensure every square foot of your Boca condo lifestyle is as pleasant as the walk to the shoreline? With these 5 tips, learn how to make your Boca condo your happy place, so when it's time to relax, you don't have to go anywhere at all.

enjoy music

Enjoy Music

It sounds simple enough, but music (and sound in general) has a biochemical effect on the brain. There's a reason obstetricians suggest playing more Mozart than Mayhem near toddlers. Having a solid sound setup and a means to enjoy your music is part of what sets the ambiance of your Boca condo - no differently than light or scent. 

natural light condo

Design To Let Natural Light In

That brings us to our next point! Did you know that when compared to a windowless room, hospital rooms with a window lend to demonstrably better results in side by side patient studies? While too much sunlight can add heat to a room, a majority of Boca condos will feature well-sealed impact glass. This allows for a sense of safety and security while you open the curtains and let the beautiful golden rays of the sun over the sunshine state into your condo. 

get thrifty

Get Thrifty

Almost all of us have a box or two worth of items that we'll never use. Much like the old joke about the dad who never throws away a spare cable until the day he needs it, too many of us hold onto things we'll never touch. One of the most important aspects of great condo organization is what your drawers, closets, and pantries look like. Oftentimes clearing out a single drawer can lead to an entire room changing. Suddenly that random mass occupying your counterspace finds room in the drawer you cleared, and your mind will stress less when entering the room.

aromatherapy in boca condo

Don't Shy Away From Aromatherapy

Our homes are an incorporation of all five senses. The softness of our towels, the sounds of music, natural light, and visible clutter all play a role in making our Boca condo our happy place. Our scent ties us to memories more than any of the five sense. If you've ever smelled the perfume your Grandma used to wear it's likely to zoom you back in time to a core memory where her perfume wasn't even on your mind. Memories or not, the scent of a home is as important as any of the sensory experiences you cultivate when turning your Boca condo into a happy place. Whether that means intense fragrances or the absence of scent at all is up to you, but there are many fragrances and ways to enjoy them in the space of your condo that will make your home feel warmer.

inviting foyer

Create An Inviting Entryway

There's a reason so much emphasis in the practice of feng shui is placed on the entryway. It's your first experience in the room, the first things your guests see, and a way to set the tone for the rest of the home. Your entryway should be free of obtrusive containers, close furniture, stains, junk, and general malaise. You don't need to have a condo entry that's fit for a king, but have something clean & classy that fits you!

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