5 Ways To Give Your Boca Raton Condo A Modern Vibe

5 ways to create a modern vibe in your condo

The days of tans, terracotta, and Mediterranean influence will soon be in the rearview mirror for this strongly Addison-Inspired community of beautiful luxury condos. As more buildings, such as Townsend Place and Boca Grand, most recently, shift from the warm room-darkening hues to the eggshell whites of today, modernity continues sweeping across our condo market. While in years past our condo decor relied on Renaissance art inspiration, making the most luxuriant of condos appear like a modern-Medici-era penthouse rather than a clean beachfront high-rise, today's modern vibes are cleaner, calmer, brighter, and more serene. Learn how these new trends have affected how we decorate our condos, and how you can upgrade your own to elevate the vibe to modernity.

viva magenta

Choose A Modern Paint Color

The color shown above is "Viva Magenta." This accent color is Pantone's 2023 Color of the Year. While painting entire rooms this bright yet somewhat subdued color may be a stretch, but this is the perfect color to accent your walls and trim. Soft eggshell whites and gentle ivories have replaced the tans, beiges, and warm yellows of the past, and are now trimmed with emerald greens, soft reds, and pale yellows. The result is a brilliant but less gaudy expression of modern condo design.

modern lighting

Choose The Right Lighting Tone

Lighting as it pertains to decor, and not just illumination has several considerations to be made. Firstly, the fixtures themselves may not accommodate the type of bulb you're looking to work with. Secondly, the fixture itself can impact several areas of your home. Starting with the actual look of the fixture, the amount of light it allows, and the way it mounts. For instance, hanging Edison lights may look gorgeous hanging above on your Boca condo balcony garden, but would drag down the bright lights of a modern, white-on-grey kitchen. Lastly, the color of the walls, floors, natural light, window treatments, and items around the house will all impact light refraction and the influence it has on color.

upgraded chaise

Choose Significant Furniture Upgrades

Redesigning a modern condo is not left to simply replace the light bulbs and add a few modern accents. Choosing a significant new centerpiece of furniture, maybe even worth splurging for, is a nice way to gift yourself something nice to elevate your Boca condo. Every room has a focal point whether it be the wall-mounted artwork, a major seating area, or a kitchen island. These main pieces are the centers of your redesign. Much like a great football team is built around a franchise quarterback, your new condo living room starts with that coffee table and chaise lounge. Start big and work backward, relying on your new acquisition as the scheme-setter for your beautiful new modern look.

area rug in modern condo

Choose Rugs Over Carpet

For those who have toured modern condos like Alina Residences or 5 Palms, how many have in-unit carpeting? How many condos have you seen that have had recent remodeling that began with replacing carpet? Carpet flooring is the popcorn ceiling of the floor, it is analogous with a bygone era of condo design, and something you can immediately associate with age. However, a cold ceramic flooring from end to end is not what we are suggesting. Use area rugs, runners, and other tactful floor pieces to break up the monotony of modern tiling, pair with your furniture, and raise the color scheme of your condo from the ground-up.

look into marble and stone accents

Look Into Marble And Stone Accents

Marble and stone accents never really went out of style, but they are in more frequent use than ever especially as new countertops in kitchens and bathrooms. However, the countertops and flooring are hardly where the application of fine stonework and marble ends. The use of stone as an exterior finish and to endcap cabinets, counters, and entryways is a new take on an ancient and classical material.

Looking to get that signature modern look? Consider this to learn more & expand your horizons. 

5 Options To Brighten Up Your Boca Condo

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