5 Real Estate Podcasts That Realtors Should Listen To

must listen real estate podcasts

We'd say Podcasts are the "future," but they are very much a part of the present. Some of the most popular entertainment of all time has been fed to us via streaming podcasts - most notably the likes of Joe Rogan, among millions of others. With podcasts, we have instant access to (usually) commercial free content tailored exactly to our interests. Rather than sifting through hours of commercials and unimportant information, podcasts grant us the capacity to listen efficiently. With how much time our Champagne & Parisi Realtors spend on the road working for you, we'd be remiss not to share some their favorite Real Estate podcasts that pace the industry and provide value with every listen. Here are 5 Real Estate podcasts that every Realtor should listen to - and why.

real estate today

Real Estate Today

A podcast created by the National Association of Realtors, Real Estate Today functions in the same light as its title: a top-down overview of the Real Estate market and profession. Functioning similarly to standard news, the hosts banter about the news affecting our national market, and trending topics such as new SMART home technology and other major home design trends. For the clearest picture of the daily happenings in Real Estate, Real Estate Today doesn't waste your time.

house party

House Party

The more colloquially titled "House Party" blog was founded by the editors of Realtor.com. Though a bit less news-oriented, there are many lessons to be learned from the stories told on House Party. This Real Estate podcast focuses on learning through the lens of the rich and famous, along with the host's own personal experiences. The insightful yet funnily packaged podcast examines the successes, failures, and outright disasters from startups to celebrities.

there goes the neighborhood podcast

There Goes the Neighborhood

Named for the common phrase uttered when a neighborhood begins to change around its citizens, the sardonically titled, limited series Realty podcast is best for those focusing on housing and policy issues. Running in 3 seasons from 2016-2019, the series dives into the ways gentrification affects individuals, businesses, and entire districts. Each season features a major city - New York, LA, and Miami, and provides a more than thorough outlook on the positives and negatives of "gentrification."

99% invisible podcast

99% Invisible

Since 2010, the 99% Invisible Podcast has been a favorite for design, infrastructure, and architecture fans. Named for the major design and infrastructural elements around us, the podcast implies the importance of the unseen. Host Roman Mars oscillates from topics such as the aforementioned, and includes housing history, homelessness, and the outlook ahead for designers, homeowners, and Realtors alike. A well-rounded Realtor should know the aspects of their occupation that extend beyond their purview - such as city planning, architecture, and public policy.

reconomy podcast


Reconomy takes advantage of the oft-yused prefix when discussing their primary focus: homeownership and affordability. Hosts Mark Fleming and Odeta Kushi are the perfect duo to listen to in today's wild South Florida housing market. They provide key insights on national mortgage rates, the housing economy, and the broader picture. Learning from the Reconomy podcast helps prospective homeowners in particular to better understand the outside forces that may be affecting their home buying price.

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