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5 questions your realtor should be asking you

With the shoe on the other foot, it's your time to shine! When sitting down with your prospective Realtor, it's as important as ever to know the most important questions to ask. Yet, unlike a traditional job evaluation, the inquisition your Realtor shows can make or break their understanding of your needs, and potentially leave you in a subpar position. Be sure to look for these 5 lines of inquiry, as they will show without answering whether your Realtor is really working their hardest to understand your unique and personal needs.

what are your housing needs?

What Housing Needs Do You Have, And What Is Your Price Range?

This is the most basic means to set expectations, and to govern the home search your Realtor will embark on for you. Every Realtor should break your desires into two columns: needs and wants. If you are bringing children, you need to be near good schools, but you might want an outdoor pool. Obviously, no home buyer can attain what they cannot afford, so your total price range is the umbrella that both columns rest beneath. Home buying is a very personal experience, and your Realtor should be aware of what you need and offer salient advice throughout your search.

pre-qualified for mortgage

Have You Pre-Qualified For A Mortgage?

There is a massive difference between a 3-5 minute survey online and a true prequalification process. Far too often prospective home buyers rely on cheap, quick services rather than a genuine assessment from a qualified lender. This is a way to set yourself up for failure before even meeting your Realtor. A Realtor should know how prepared you are at every phase of the transaction, and be ready to offer suggestions if you're limping out of the gate with a misleading pre-qualification.

schools and doctors

How Important Are Schools and doctors To You?

This is pretty simple. If you or any residents of your home are children, we expect schools to be pretty important. If you or any residents are elderly, disabled, or require available access to good specialists, medicine is a major factor in choosing your residence. The Boca Raton area has some of the best doctors, schools, and hospitals in the country regardless, but your Realtor should know what local education and healthcare services are needed at greater availability than most.

labrador retriever surfing on blue surfboard

What Lifestyle, Hobbies, And Extracurricular Pursuits Are Important To You?

Similarly to the prior entry, but less intrinsic to your housing choices, are what hobbies, pursuits, and activities you enjoy in life. Choosing your home should be more than just what's the safest option with the best schools; it should be a place where you thrive, not just live. Your Realtor should know how important waterfront access is to you. Not a boater or beachgoer? Perhaps spending an extra $150,000 to live a mile closer to the sand is a waste of precious funds. Do you live alone and work from home? Perhaps a luxury condo with a home office or auxiliary den is all you need. When you buy a home, your bare necessities should be met without question, for many that column of "wants" is the next thing to shoot for.

looking 5 years into the future

Where Do You See Yourself In The Next 5 Years?

This may seem existential, but your vision towards the future can massively impact your home search today. Are you looking to flip the home, or upgrade and rent out? Are you looking to build your family right where you stand? Or are you a semipermanent resident with ambitions beyond South Florida's homes and condos? 5 years can pass fast. The older we get, the faster time seems to fly. For someone taking what's likely to be a 30 year mortgage, your vision for the not-so-immediate future is fundamental for today's best decisions to be made.

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