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5 questions to ask when hiring your realtor

When searching for the right Realtor to suit your needs, the basics should be met regardless. Having a Realtor that is communicative, professional, on time, and works to get the best price possible are all things that should be expected when dealing with an industry professional. Beyond basic expectations, there are a few key questions you should ask when interviewing your Realtors of choice that will better attune them to your needs and help you find out if you're working with the right person. Without further ado, here are 5 important questions to ask your Realtor before getting started!

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What Area Would You Recommend For Me and My Family, And Why?

If you're on your own, ignore the second part. Your Realtor should be a guide to the community, a veritable travel brochure with intimate knowledge of each nook and cranny. If your Realtor hasn't lived in the area long, fret not! Your Realtor should research and learn what they can about the areas they aren't experienced in. While they are forbidden to comment on certain aspects of the neighborhood, your Realtor should know what's important to you - schools, doctors, waterfront, and beyond, and work from there with your priorities in tow.

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How Long Have You Been A Realtor In The Area?

This may slightly contradict the prior sentiment, but even careful research and dedicated questioning can't accomplish what actual lived experience can. If your Realtor has been a longtime resident, you should expect them to have jewels of knowledge ranging from the best schools, hospitals, restaurants, and what services are needed to help you settle in. Not all of this knowledge can be accumulated through reading and speaking. Some of it has to be lived.

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What Did You Do Prior To Becoming A Realtor?

Some people just become Realtors, but many find themselves transitioning from a field that may not suit their needs. This doesn't necessarily mean they "failed" in their previous pursuit. Simply put, it's good to know what tertiary skills some Realtors may bring to the table. For instance, if your Realtor once worked in contracting, they'll know the home from the inside out... literally, and may be able to caution you against something unforeseen to the nondiscerning eye. If your Realtor was an attorney, they'll have intimate knowledge of the law that few Realtors can replicate. If they were an accountant, they might know numbers better than anyone and walk you through the process without wasting a penny. If they were a teacher, they will communicate and delegate with style and aplomb. You get it, and this is part of what sets a good Realtor apart. Which brings us to...

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What Separates You From The Pack?

Every Realtor should have a value proposition that exists beyond the very basics. This is where a Realtor should be as creative as they can be. Are they bilingual? Do they have that ancillary background mentioned above? How much have they produced? Do they "farm" the area as well as anyone? Do they have robust digital marketing support (like the Champagne & Parisi Blogs?) These are all ways a Realtor can move ahead of the pack and prove themselves to be more than someone who buys and sells houses.

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Why Should I Hire A Realtor At All?

Buying a home without a Realtor is like going to court without a lawyer. You might be able to show up, but it won't be easy and you're likely in a bad position without knowing it. Remember, buying a home is a massive commitment - likely to be the most time consuming and expensive purchase of your life. Without a dedicated professional to walk you through such a key moment, what are you really hoping to accomplish? Take things seriously, but ask your Realtor this question regardless. Their answer can speak volumes. 

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