4 Dog Breeds For Apartment Living | Condo Friendly Dogs

Welcome to Boca Raton--a condo hotspot for those looking for beautiful views, convenient locales, and a luxury lifestyle. Boca is no doubt an upscale city housing some of the most affluent people in Florida. Millions of people flock to the sunny beaches, warm weather, and blue skies to set up permanent residency. Condos are a popular choice among Florida residents, and the cost of renting or owning one can most certainly be costly. With that factoid present, one problem with a vast majority of new condo owners comes down to one thing; it's not money, it's not maintenance, and it isn't worrying about the next night out; it's our pets. Having a pet is one of the greatest joys in our lives, but sometimes we are posed with a complicated question: is my pet the appropriate size? Dogs are an extremely common sight here in Boca, and many condo owners are racked with guilt over whether or not their breed will have a happy living environment in their new home. Luckily, with proper research, your dog may be the appropriate and best dog breed for a condo.


two female maltese dogs

Maltese is the quintessential dog breed here in Boca. If you're a Boca native or a visitor traveling, you've probably seen a fair share of this breed in bags, shopping carts, and leashes. There is a very good reason why this breed is so popular here in the area. Maltese is arguably one of the best breeds you can own even outside a condo. Regardless, their small stature and docile nature allow you to own your pet without worry. The iconic look of the Maltese was once favored by royalty over the years. Carrying a magnificent, white coat that virtually does not shed; the Maltese are one of the best dog breeds for a condo. 

French Bulldog

french bulldog with tennis ball

Commonly known as a "Frenchie," French bulldogs are some of the best dogs for condos. With their adorable face, small stature, and ability to get along with children and strangers, they are an ideal breed to own. Like the Maltese, Frenchies also have a very easy-care coat. One great reason why Frenchies are a great dog breed for a condo is they do not need a lot of room and do wonderful in apartments or condos; however, this breed does require at least 15-minute walks to prevent them from becoming overweight. With Florida always having sweltering summer days, stepping outside can feel like you are being smothered with a hot blanket. Except for their short walks, Frenchies do not like being in the heat and enjoy air-conditioning during Boca Raton's hot summers. Be sure to keep that in mind as you enjoy life with your beautiful companion.

Yorkshire Terrier

yorkshire terrier puppy

Another very popular dog breed among owners here in Boca, "Yorkies" are a pocket-sized bundle of love. Like the aforementioned breeds above, Yorkies are another toy breed that fits perfectly in your condo. This breed does exceptionally well with training, preventing accidents from occurring. Their ability to follow commands alleviates the headache of having to constantly take your dog outside. Like the Frenchie, this breed prefers being indoors and does not enjoy feeling the hot sun beating down. Another reason why they are one of the best dog breeds is their amiability with strangers around them. Carrying your fur child down to the community pool doesn't have to result in a territorial bark-a-thon. 


smiling white pomeranian

These poofy little fluffballs of cuteness are another dog synonymous with the affluence of Boca Raton. Made popular by royal owners across Europe, such as Queen Victoria in the 18th century, these dogs became smaller overtime after the queen popularized the diminutive variety. The resulting breed we see today is a byproduct of Queen Victoria's adoption in 1888. Pomeranians range from 3 to 7 lbs and are one of the softest, friendliest lapdogs to enjoy your condo life with. Despite their small stature, they are sturdier than most toy breeds, with a compact frame behind that signature tongue-wagging smile.

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