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Boca Raton High Rise Condos | The Pros Of High Rise Condo Living

the pros of boca high rise condos

When it comes to luxury high rises, Boca Raton offers among the finest selection across the entire east coast. Boca Raton is certainly no small town, but pales in comparison to the cities along the seaboard in terms of urban sprawl and overall size. The relationship between scale and available inventory, along with the general favorability of the weather year-round, makes Boca Raton one of the most illustrious places to enjoy the best of high rise living. As Realtors, it's our imperative to inform you of the good and bad around every deal, and with so much new condo construction happening around town we put our high rises straight into focus. 

added security in high rises

Added Security

A High-Rise condo can provide security that a gated community can never hope to match. Not only are the points of entry largely sequestered to a small few doorways, there are often 24/7 security and desk staff present at the ground level. Even in the event of a security breach, the additional doorway between you and the hallway is just another way to add layers between yourself and whatever danger may present itself. In the grimmest of situations, the fact you share space with so many nearby neighbors makes it a distinct challenge for anyone to discreetly commit crime, with this reality itself deterring would be criminals...

Boca Condo Flooring and Decor | 5 Temporary Flooring Options To Liven Up Your Space

5 temporary flooring options for your boca condo

If you've ever seen The Big Lebowski, you'd know that "the rug that tied the room together" was more than a plot device. It spoke to us. The area rug that would become the crux of one of the most interesting and unique movies of all time, was a motif that people just... felt. Maybe you had to be there, but temporary doesn't just have to be something renters experience. Some Boca condo owners might just be more flippant than the seasonal owners who wish to return to their Florida abode the way they left it. Whether you're artsy, prone to change, love a good seasonal rotation, or are just plain capricious, we identified and researched 5 ways to spice up your floor situation and give life to your Boca condo!

click in faux wood tiling

Click-In Faux Wood 

"Click in" faux wood is one of the newest flooring technologies taking the condo and rental market by storm. Now condo owners can achieve that elegant, textured hardwood flooring without ripping up the existing tile or carpet. We love the textured, muted tones that have replaced standard...

Everything Boca Residents Need To Know To Enjoy The Up On The Rooftop Christmas Festival

up on the rooftop christmas festival

The Boca Raton Community Church is slated to throw their Up On The Rooftop Christmas Festival for residents and visitors of all backgrounds and denominations in a night of family fun holiday festivities. The Champagne & Parisi Blog is the place to find the latest on all things local, and it's been one busy holiday season! For our part, we're happy to provide the answers to the basic questions in a concise format, ensuring you spend less time planning and more time partying! Without further ado, get your blankets and chairs ready and read on to learn where and how to enjoy the Up On The Rooftop Christmas Festival. 

  • When: Friday, December 16th at 5:00 PM - 8:30 PM 
  • Where: The Boca Raton Community Church - 470 NW 4th Ave. Boca Raton, FL 33432

Click HERE for a map of all Festivities 

Click HERE for a map of Children's Activities

boca raton holiday festival

What Will Be Offered At...

Boca Raton Beach Restaurants | Where To Stop For Food On A Boca Beach Day

boca raton beach food

The hot sun, salt spray, and excitement of a Boca Raton beach day are sure to gin up some hungry beachgoers. While there are plenty of terrific Boca Raton restaurants in the Mizner Park area and beyond, we looked at 5 restaurants we feel are the perfect fit for a quick tour from the waterfront. Whether it's an upscale raw bar, a seafood-focused sports bar, or a spot right across the street for healthy bites, here are five spots you should consider when you stroll from the sand with an empty belly!

flanigans seafood bar

Flanigans Seafood Bar & Grill

Flanigans is a name synonymous with the laid-back, sports bar environment that is a favorite amongst Boca residents and beyond. Since 1959, Flanigans has made its name through consistent quality, most notably through its famous baby back ribs, home-sourced seafood, and signature green plastic cups. The indoor/outdoor environment is conducive to cooling off in the A/C or enjoying the autumn breeze with a cocktail at their outdoor bar.

luffs fish house

Luff's Fish House

For a more upscale take on fresh seafood, Luff's...

Boca Raton Home Offices | Upgrade Your Home Office Space

upgrade your luxury condo office

Even before COVID, the push to shift workers towards a more home-based model was omnipresent in many industries. While the psychological impact and productivity can be called into question, the inexorable forces of the industry have spoken and many are asked to, or are asking to work from home. Whether part time or full time, the key to maintaining a productive space is nuanced by not being unknown. The mindset behind being productive at home plays a big difference in how you amplify your workflow at your otherwise most relaxing space. To work where you play, and sleep, learn more about how to maintain effectiveness when working from your Boca condo home office.

designated office space

Designate Your Space and Keep It That Way

Traditional office spaces have specific floor plans, furniture, and storage spaces for a reason. They're designed to accommodate work, and those who execute the tasks at hand. For a Boca Raton home office, it's a fundamental prerequisite to truly (not metaphorically) choose your office space and keep it that way. That means preventing the other areas of your life from encroaching into your workspace. After all, a cluttered home is a cluttered mind, and nowhere is this...

Wildflower Park Boca Raton | Introducing Boca Raton's Newest Public Park

wildflower park in boca raton

Welcome to Wildflower Park

To be a great Realtor is more than the art of buying and selling properties. It means to be the key to the city that all newcomers can rely upon, to stay current, updated, and on top of our game. For that reason, we pride ourselves on dialing into local affairs and presenting you with the latest and most pertinent information emerging from around the city. We watched with curiosity as the plans for the brand-new Wildflower Park broke ground earlier this year. The small waterfront park sits on the northwest corner of the drawbridge on Palmetto Park Rd. directly adjacent to the Trattoria Romana restaurant. Read on to learn more about the ins and outs of this delightful addition to our Boca Raton Parks, and why you should pay a visit to Wildflower Park!

What is Wildflower Park

Wildflower Park is a multimillion-dollar project designed to give Boca Raton residents a beautiful slice of serenity directly on the Intracoastal waterfront. The ceremonial ribbon cutting took place on October 22nd and since then the park has begun to attract passersby and dedicated visitors alike. Much like the drawbridge before it, Wildflower Park is within walking distance of many Boca Raton condos and Highland Beach homes to the northeast. This "passive park" is located on a 2.3-acre...

Walkable Neighborhoods In Boca Raton | How To Know If Your Neighborhood Is Walkable

how to know if your neighborhood is walkable

One of the most modern forms of Real Estate evaluation is neighborhood walkability. Between the price of gas, and the general desire to get out and get walking, new residents of Boca Raton are wondering if they'll enjoy the same or similar walkability as their prior flat in Tribeca. While we can't promise a metropolis of possibility seated on a small island, we can give you the knowledge and insights required to make decisions on your behalf. When that fails, our incredible team of Realtors is ready to show you all things local - by car or by foot! 

woman walking alone at night

Residents Walk Alone At Night

While this is largely dependent on one's anecdotal observations and personal experiences, the more people walking alone at night, the safer a neighborhood usually is. This is both due to safety in numbers, but also the broader perception of the area by its residents. In many cases, seeing how locals operate when public safety isn't a guarantee and the safety of daylight isn't present can indicate a lot about the way the area is understood.

sidewalks in boca raton


Biking In Boca Raton | 4 Ways To Determine If Your Neighborhood Is Bike Friendly

4 ways to tell if your boca neighborhood is bike friendly

It only takes one trip up and down A1A in the early morning hours to recognize the commitment to cycling that so many Boca Luxury Condo Owners have. With outrageous gas prices combined with rising rent and mortgage rates, even the wealthiest among us are seeking a solution to chip away at... being chipped away themselves. For a city with year-round sunshine (and the occasional rainfall), it invites the young and old to take to two wheels and zip up our bike lanes. For our part, we looked into what Realtors and City Planners assess when designating an area "bike friendly" and identified four key metrics for you to remember yourself!

bike lanes in boca raton

Nearby Bike Lanes/Trails

Are the bike lanes easily legible? Do they indicate to motorists that this is a designated space? How close are off-road trails, or ways to cut through and beyond the larger thoroughfares that are often perilous for cyclists regardless of the signage and markings? For this blog, we're not just looking at the breezy bike rides some of us enjoy on quiet roads, but the broader picture for those looking to wield their bikes for more than just fun. Regardless of your purpose on two wheels, the municipal investment in biking is a strong indicator of...

Boca Raton Balcony Gardens | Tips On How To Go Green From Your Luxury Condo Balcony

start your boca condo balcony garden

Boca Luxury Condo living gives you so much to do under one roof. With rich, luxuriant amenities it's nearly impossible to find yourself in a state of boredom. Beyond the confines of our many beautiful waterfront condos, the natural environs we're blessed to be immersed in daily beckon us to enjoy. However, the amenities, offerings, and many delicious restaurants aren't yours to own. For the best life, under your roof, many locals have gone green on their condo balconies. These small spaces can be a rich platform for an herb garden and beyond. Learn more about how to get your condo balcony started with our quick guide below!

boca raton yard sale

Shop Yard Sales & Thrift Stores To Save on Pots and Equipment

Most of us don't realize just how expensive gardening can be until we leave with $47 worth of pots from Home Depot without realizing we spent a penny. Gardening, especially when food or herbs are involved, can be cost-effective, but can also turn on its head. Yard sales and thrift stores almost always have a small garden section with trowels, pots, watering tools, hand rakes, and more waiting for a lucky buyer to get these essentials for fractions of the retail cost. Don't overspend before you start!

watering plants on balcony


Boca Luxury Condo Decor | 5 Low Cost Ways To Reinvent Your Condo Aesthetic

low cost aesthetic changes for your boca condo

For today's Boca Luxury Condo blog, we explore more affordable ways to reinvent your condo aesthetic. Not everything that says "luxury" has to be expensive, and it's often the way we express ourselves through our style, rather than the brands and products themselves that communicate the lifestyle we hope to lead. Read on and learn more about how to spend wisely, save money, and live the luxury lifestyle you've dreamed of! 

natural lighting through condo window

Allow More Natural Lighting

This could be as cheap as free, and if not requires a simple replacement or removal of whatever window coverings you may currently have. Natural light has been shown to improve outcomes in hospitalized patients, but it doesn't take extreme circumstances to benefit from the life-enhancing effects of natural light, especially as you rise in the mornings.

replace curtains and sheets

Replace Curtains, Sheets, Pillowcases, and Other Replaceable Upholstery

We don't expect you to desecrate your upholstery in pursuit of something different, or even to...