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Boca Luxury Condo Decor | 5 Low Cost Ways To Reinvent Your Condo Aesthetic

low cost aesthetic changes for your boca condo

For today's Boca Luxury Condo blog, we explore more affordable ways to reinvent your condo aesthetic. Not everything that says "luxury" has to be expensive, and it's often the way we express ourselves through our style, rather than the brands and products themselves that communicate the lifestyle we hope to lead. Read on and learn more about how to spend wisely, save money, and live the luxury lifestyle you've dreamed of! 

natural lighting through condo window

Allow More Natural Lighting

This could be as cheap as free, and if not requires a simple replacement or removal of whatever window coverings you may currently have. Natural light has been shown to improve outcomes in hospitalized patients, but it doesn't take extreme circumstances to benefit from the life-enhancing effects of natural light, especially as you rise in the mornings.

replace curtains and sheets

Replace Curtains, Sheets, Pillowcases, and Other Replaceable Upholstery

We don't expect you to desecrate your upholstery in pursuit of something...

Florida Homestead Exemption | What Is The Homestead Exemption and How Do I Qualify?

understanding the florida homestead exemption

When new Boca Raton condo buyers begin their search, the first thing that often comes to mind is luxury. Yet, amidst all the natural incentives, like our majestic waterfrontage, among the preeminent reasons to choose South Florida are the tax incentives. Firstly, the lack of a state income tax is among the most discussed reasons to work, live, and own property in Florida. Secondly, is the ever-popular Florida Homestead Exemption, built to mitigate some of the highest expenses as homeowners: property taxes. Read along and learn more, as we keep you attuned to the latest and most significant property laws, taxes, and new developments that may benefit you!

florida homestead checklist

What Do I Need To Qualify?

To qualify for the Florida Homestead Exemption you must provide/meet the following requirements:

  • A Valid State ID
  • An FL Vehicle Registration Number
  • A Florida Voter's ID
  • ...

Boca Luxury Condo Pricing | 4 Main Factors That Determine Your Condo Value

boca condo pricing main factors

Boca Raton's condo market is one of the most resplendent and valued in the world. Though much of Boca Raton's luxury condo pricing is contingent on the usually expected valuation factors, Boca Raton and South Florida at large are unique natural and geographical spaces to consider. For your information, we're delivering the 4 main factors that affect your condo value. For more condo value insights and ways to improve your luxury condo lifestyle, stay tuned to the Champagne & Parisi blog for more!

condo location east boca raton


The three most important words in Real Estate are... location, location, and location! However, when our luxury condo market includes options for private beachfront and boat slips, the difference of a couple of miles, and in some cases even a few hundred yards, can make a difference in millions. As always, Intracoastal access and direct oceanfront are different, but the most drastic difference between location-based pricing is simple: are you on the water, or not?



Boca Raton Infrastructure Update | New Tri Rail Station Coming To Boca

new tri rail station

The City of Boca Raton has begun to construct the new Brightline Station. Slated to complete within the year, the city plans to wield one of the most significant infrastructural additions to South Florida in recent decades to accommodate its increasingly large population. We dug into the details and made sure you're as prepared as can be for the new upgrade to our infrastructure, how you can enjoy it, and what you should know for visitors to our city. 

where will the brightline station be

Where Will It Be?

The Brightline Station will be officially addressed at 680 Yamato Rd, Boca Raton, FL 33431. The station is located within proximity to Mizner Park and the Boca Raton Library. In 2019, Brightline sent their official letter to the city of Boca Raton as a potential destination along its growing Florida route. In December of that year, the City Council approved the site. The site will include a 455-car parking garage to accommodate both passengers and patrons of the adjacent library. Ground broke this past January 25th. 

when will brightline be done?

When Will It Be Done?

As of now, the clearest idea of completion is within the 4th Quarter of 2022. As of this writing (August 10th, 2022), there...

Boca Raton Furniture Donation Centers | A Guide To Donating Furniture In Boca

donate furniture in boca raton

Whether moving, arriving, or simply remodeling, the last thing we'd want to do is see our furniture enter the scrap heap. Thankfully, the giving spirit is strong in Boca Raton, and the community response has been impressive. With more than one way to donate, or shop, we're happy to illuminate some of the most commonly utilized places and organizations to donate your gently used furniture to those in need.

helping hands holding a red heart

Home Pickup Service - Networking To Help Children

This small nonprofit collects everything from furniture, to appliances, and clothing to wield these donated goods to fundraise and provide for children in need. The organization was founded in 2009 to unite the private, public, and nonprofit sectors in our shared humanitarian mission. Donating gently used household goods plays directly in the support of children in all manner of need - from those with debilitating health conditions, foster children, and children of active military personnel.

cardboard donation box


Boca Raton Art Galleries | Where To Find Your Condo Decor

a guide to boca raton's best art galleries

Boca Luxury condos are renowned for their vaulted ceilings, tactful architecture, and contemporary design. Whether an ultramodern resort like One Thousand Ocean or an oceanfront Mediterranean paradise like excelsior, these delightful condominiums are practically built to display the finest things in life. When our Boca luxury condo realtors hand you the keys, the next step after move-in is to make it your own. Thankfully, the Boca Raton art community has risen to the occasion to provide some of the best galleries in the state. Whether to use as inspiration or to purchase outright, these Boca Raton art galleries provide you with the work to turn your empty canvas of a condo into a rich display of culture and tact.

rosenbaum contemporary

Rosenbaum Contemporary

Rosenbaum Contemporary is one of our favorite galleries in Boca Raton, with a well-provisioned gallery full of for-sale options, their knowledgable team has long been friends of Champagne & Parisi Real Estate. They play a major role in art cultivation, with a monthly newsletter sent to its many patrons with new displays and features often showing....

Marinas and Boat Ramps In The Boca Raton Area | Find A Marina Near Me

marinas and boat ramps in delray beach

It's no secret that Boca Raton is a boaters paradise. Much like many parts of South Florida, the unique aquatic infrastructure allows for both oceanfront and Intracoastal access. The barrier islands that represent our beach access provide ample ground for high-end waterfront real estate, yet are far from the only opportunities for luxuriant waterfront living. Whether you're docked on the Intracoastal, oceanfront, or simply need a place to store your watercraft, here are the names and locations of 10 boat slips, dockages, and marinas to cast off from! 

boca marina yacht club

Boca Marina Yacht Club

  • 5150 N Federal Hwy, Boca Raton, FL 33487
  • Private Gated Community

This small, lovely community is a private and exclusive residential waterfront community. However, Champagne & Parisi specialize in these properties and this region. Whether as a home buyer, or visiting friends, this is one way to hit the waves!

marina one

Marina One Yacht Club...

The Best Bars In Mizner Park | Mizner Park Bars And Restaurants

find the best bars in mizner park

Mizner Park is as well known for its nightlife as its beautiful days under swaying palms and cool sea breezes. The area provides a unique platform for partygoers of all ages and backgrounds.  a perfect blend of high-class cocktail establishments, elegant wine & dine spots with outdoor seating, and a few places for the younger crowds to let their hair down. With so many Boca luxury condos in the immediate vicinity, the bars and restaurants are just an elevator trip away. The list below represents a fine blend of youthful energy and high class, all available to you in the beautiful Mizner Park area!

loch bar raw bar

Loch Bar

The Loch Bar is the best raw bar in Mizner Park - with a decidedly classy feel compared to more traditional, shuck and dive style South Florida raw bars. You know it'll be fancy when using superlatives like "handcrafted elixirs" to describe the cocktails that perfectly pair with their myriad of delectable options. Yet, their sunset dinner and daily special menus make it more than affordable for almost anyone to enjoy this beautiful establishment with a cocktail, draft beer, or even a free bottle of house wine with two entrees!


5 Questions Your Realtor Should Be Asking You! | Have You Hired The Right Realtor?

5 questions your realtor should be asking you

With the shoe on the other foot, it's your time to shine! When sitting down with your prospective Realtor, it's as important as ever to know the most important questions to ask. Yet, unlike a traditional job evaluation, the inquisition your Realtor shows can make or break their understanding of your needs, and potentially leave you in a subpar position. Be sure to look for these 5 lines of inquiry, as they will show without answering whether your Realtor is really working their hardest to understand your unique and personal needs.

what are your housing needs?

What Housing Needs Do You Have, And What Is Your Price Range?

This is the most basic means to set expectations, and to govern the home search your Realtor will embark on for you. Every Realtor should break your desires into two columns: needs and wants. If you are bringing children, you need to be near good schools, but you might want an outdoor pool. Obviously, no home buyer can attain what they cannot afford, so your total price range is the umbrella that both columns rest beneath. Home buying is a very personal experience, and your Realtor should be aware of what you need and offer...

Boca Raton Luxury Condos | The Top 5 Ultra Luxe Condominiums In Boca

the top 5 ultra luxe apartments

Boca Luxury Condos... The three words that every new Boca homeowner has on their mind when they begin their comprehensive Boca home search. Boca's long lineup of luxurious condos is far from limited to these 5 beautiful condominiums, but when tasked to conjure our five favorite ultras luxurious Boca Raton condos, we (begrudgingly) listed incredible places to live.



Luxuria... a play on the word luxurious, is an obvious choice to headline our list of ultra-luxury Boca condos. Sitting on a 2.5-acre lot directly on the beachfront, this elegant Mediterranean-styled 10-story condominium offers unobstructed views of our major waterways. Luxuria is a full-service building, with Marc Michaels interiors and cutting-edge condo technologies. Beyond the many remarkable designs and tech features that bring an old-world charm to new environs, each resident receives a membership to the adjacent Boca Raton Resort & Club.